Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon

Programme for young children exploring medical conditions, using puppets, music and humour to make going to the doctor's surgery feel like a natural and interesting experience.

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Take a Break

1. Get Well Soon: Take a Break

Dr Ranj and Jobi discover the wonder of x-rays, while Nurse Morag has a bony quiz.

Tummy Troubles

2. Get Well Soon: Tummy Troubles

Nurse Morag shows the Healthy Helpers how to wash their hands to keep bugs away.

It's All Blurry

3. Get Well Soon: It's All Blurry

Riz sees only blurry shapes when Dr Ranj tests his eyes.

The Sniffly Nose

4. Get Well Soon: The Sniffly Nose

Nurse Morag and the Healthy Helpers play a game of snotty football.

The Catchy Rash

5. Get Well Soon: The Catchy Rash

Dr Ranj warns Deep that scratching ringworm can spread the germs to other children.

The Swimming Sock

6. Get Well Soon: The Swimming Sock

Nurse Morag has the Healthy Helpers running around a paddling pool with green feet.

Pop on a Plaster

7. Get Well Soon: Pop on a Plaster

Nurse Morag shows the Healthy Helpers how scabs are truly amazing.

A Spot of Bother

8. Get Well Soon: A Spot of Bother

Dr Ranj tells Deep his own body will fight off spots and blisters.

Fun in the Sun

9. Get Well Soon: Fun in the Sun

Kiwa says she's been zapped by aliens, but Dr Ranj tells her it is actually sunburn.

Head Over Heels

10. Get Well Soon: Head Over Heels

Dr Ranj unwinds the longest bandage ever when Jobi comes in with a bump on his head.

The Gappy Smile

11. Get Well Soon: The Gappy Smile

Nurse Morag and the Healthy Helpers brush and clean a giant set of teeth.

Sleep Easy

12. Get Well Soon: Sleep Easy

Nurse Morag shows the Healthy Helpers why everyone needs a good night's sleep.

Tickly Friends

13. Get Well Soon: Tickly Friends

The Healthy Helpers tell Nurse Morag why lice like to live on people's heads.

Croupy Droopy Jobi

14. Get Well Soon: Croupy Droopy Jobi

Poor Jobi's voice sounds different and Dr Ranj explains why.

Oh, Poo!

15. Get Well Soon: Oh, Poo!

Dr Ranj helps Deep when he feels blown up like a balloon.

Interesting Intestines

16. Get Well Soon: Interesting Intestines

Dr Ranj and Jobi go on a treasure hunt when Jobi accidentally swallows a toy wheel.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

17. Get Well Soon: Hot! Hot! Hot!

Dr Ranj puts Riz's hand in cool water when he scalds himself while playing elephants.

Inject to Protect

18. Get Well Soon: Inject to Protect

Dr Ranj shows Deep he does not need to worry about injections.

Hello Hiccups

19. Get Well Soon: Hello Hiccups

Dr Ranj tries to stop Kiwa's hiccups with laughter, deep breathing and an air quake.

Prickly Eyes

20. Get Well Soon: Prickly Eyes

Dr Ranj soothes Petal's sore eyes and the Healthy Helpers paint pictures of their eyes.

Sore Spot

21. Get Well Soon: Sore Spot

Nurse Morag and the Healthy Helpers play a game about hibernating germs.

The Ouchy Ear

22. Get Well Soon: The Ouchy Ear

Dr Ranj explains to Kiwa how ear wax helps to protect her ears.

Easy Wheezy

23. Get Well Soon: Easy Wheezy

Dr Ranj helps Jobi to breathe easy, while Nurse Morag shows the Healthy Helpers a game.

Wee Wee Bug

24. Get Well Soon: Wee Wee Bug

Nurse Morag and the Healthy Helpers look at why people wee.

Eat Well Sleep Well

25. Get Well Soon: Eat Well Sleep Well

Nurse Morag and the Healthy Helpers put together a balanced diet jigsaw.

The Itchy Spot

26. Get Well Soon: The Itchy Spot

Nurse Morag and the Healthy Helpers play a game of chase.

The Raspberry Surprise

27. Get Well Soon: The Raspberry Surprise

Nurse Morag and the Healthy Helpers look at what foods can make people feel unwell.

Sugar Sweet

28. Get Well Soon: Sugar Sweet

Dr Ranj has to test the sugar in Petal's blood because she is feeling so tired.

Scratchy Skin

29. Get Well Soon: Scratchy Skin

Nurse Morag plays dressing up with the Healthy Helpers.

A Picky Problem

30. Get Well Soon: A Picky Problem

Nurse Morag and the Healthy Helpers run around just like blood rushes around the body.