Series 2

Series 2

Series following the everyday life of 12-year-old Hank Zipzer, a young man with a unique perspective on the world.

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Camera Calamity

1. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, Camera Calamity

Hank's school photo is ruined by McKelty and a fountain of fizzy drink.

No Room for Two

2. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, No Room for Two

It's Friday and tomorrow Hank will be in charge of the coolest stall at the school fair.

Cow Poo Treasure Hunt

3. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, Cow Poo Treasure Hunt

Papa Pete tries to make it through a single day of Emily helping out at the deli.

Head Ache

4. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, Head Ache

Emily announces she is going to homeschool herself, much to the horror of Stan and Rosa.

Hank's Hero

5. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, Hank's Hero

Hank and Stan's favourite footballer comes to the school for a visit.

Open Day

6. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, Open Day

It's open day and Mr Joy tries to keep all troublemakers away, including Hank.

Ballot Box Blunder

7. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, Ballot Box Blunder

McKelty and Emily run for an available seat on Westbrook's school council.

Valentine's Confusion

8. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, Valentine's Confusion

Hank has his heart set on asking Anya to the Valentine's dance.


9. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, Camouflage

Stan tries to prove to Rosa that he's not squeamish.

Hank's Birthday

10. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, Hank's Birthday

It's Hank's 13th birthday and he wants the greatest party of all time.

Hank's New School

11. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, Hank's New School

Hank is forced to do the unthinkable and fight to stay at Westbrook Academy.

Papa Pete in Love

12. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, Papa Pete in Love

Emily has a new boyfriend and a suspicious Stan grills him about his intentions.

Last Day

13. Hank Zipzer: Series 2, Last Day

Hank finds himself in danger of being excluded from school permanently.