Series 3

Series 3

Fast-paced and funny, this series follows the everyday life of Hank Zipzer, a young man with a unique perspective on the world.

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Teacher Torture

1. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, Teacher Torture

Hank looks forward to having a new form teacher but discovers there has been an error.

Vlog It!

2. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, Vlog It!

Mr Joy's latest scheme sees the pupils of Westbrook vying to produce the best vlogs.

Zipzers and Aliens

3. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, Zipzers and Aliens

Hank accidentally gets his friends' copies of Alien Adventures confiscated by Miss Adolf.

Educating Zipzer

4. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, Educating Zipzer

Hank accidentally becomes the central figure in a documentary.

Hank's Good Turn

5. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, Hank's Good Turn

Hank and McKelty become unlikely friends when an inspector comes to visit the school.

My Girlfriend has Flippers

6. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, My Girlfriend has Flippers

Mr Rock is put in charge of doing an assembly on marine life.

Undercover Hank

7. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, Undercover Hank

Mr Love returns to the school, and Hank is forced to dress up as a girl.

School Sleepover

8. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, School Sleepover

Mr Rock is holding a sponsored school sleepover.

Operation: Prank Adolf

9. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, Operation: Prank Adolf

April Fool's Day is looming and Hank prepares to prank the unprankable Miss Adolf.

Captain Hank and the Last Picks

10. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, Captain Hank and the Last Picks

A branding campaign for a soft drink transforms the school gym.

Christmas in July

11. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, Christmas in July

Hank decides to hold Christmas in the middle of summer.

Hank Rocks Out

12. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, Hank Rocks Out

Hank and friends decide to sneak away from survival camp to see their favourite band.

The Crunchy Pickle

13. Hank Zipzer: Series 3, The Crunchy Pickle

Hank discovers that Rosa has the option to move the family to New York.