Series 1

Series 1

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New Boy

1. ROY: Series 1, New Boy

Roy causes quite a commotion during his first days at the local school.

Growing Pains

2. ROY: Series 1, Growing Pains

In science class, Roy has a cunning plan to save two frogs from dissection.


3. ROY: Series 1, Sick

A flu epidemic has hit Ballyfermot School, but Roy seems to be immune.

Charity Case

4. ROY: Series 1, Charity Case

Roy is collecting money for charity when he spots a busker attracting a lot of donations.

A Matter of Principal

5. ROY: Series 1, A Matter of Principal

Roy secretly opens his birthday present a few days early, but disaster strikes.

Roy Band

6. ROY: Series 1, Roy Band

Ireland's Got Talent comes to Ballyfermot School, and Roy and his friends form a band.

On the Run

7. ROY: Series 1, On the Run

Roy has an argument with his mother in the kitchen and runs away from home.

Roy and Me

8. ROY: Series 1, Roy and Me

Gran and Grandad take Roy and Becky camping for the weekend.

Roy Goes to the Movies

9. ROY: Series 1, Roy Goes to the Movies

Roy watches a scary movie and cannot shake the nightmares.

Roy Pulls a Face

10. ROY: Series 1, Roy Pulls a Face

The wind changes while Roy is making faces at Becky, leaving him stuck with a big grin.

Testing, Testing

11. ROY: Series 1, Testing, Testing

Roy is worried about a test and Tommy suggests that he needs to digest the information.

Halo Goodbye

12. ROY: Series 1, Halo Goodbye

Roy has been so good lately that he wakes to find a halo hovering above his head.

School Inspection

13. ROY: Series 1, School Inspection

Ballyfermot School is preparing for a visit from the inspector, but where is Roy?