Series 2

Series 2

The O'Brien family are new in town. An ordinary family - well, almost. Roy O' Brien is a little different - he's a cartoon!

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Foot Fat Fit

1. ROY: Series 2, Foot Fat Fit

Roy dreams of playing for the school football team but fails to make the squad.

Roy the Rover

2. ROY: Series 2, Roy the Rover

An accident causes Roy to believe that he's a dog, and he embarks on a doggy adventure.

Big Head

3. ROY: Series 2, Big Head

When Roy achieves heroic status, his head gets bigger as he starts to believe the hype.

Spot On

4. ROY: Series 2, Spot On

Roy desperately wants a spot as all his mates have had one.

Death in the Family

5. ROY: Series 2, Death in the Family

Roy is fed up of cleaning his great aunt's house every Saturday.

Pint-Sized Roy

6. ROY: Series 2, Pint-Sized Roy

Roy accidentally gets shrunk to just five inches tall.

A Crushing Blow

7. ROY: Series 2, A Crushing Blow

It's Valentine's Day and Roy starts to have strange feelings whenever he's near Kathy.

Magical Roy

8. ROY: Series 2, Magical Roy

When Roy causes the theft of Bill's taxi, he decides to earn money to buy a new car.

Invisible Roy

9. ROY: Series 2, Invisible Roy

Roy is determined to use his new powers of invisibility to help his friend.


10. ROY: Series 2, DIY Roy

Roy tries to repair the damage he has caused and make up with his mates.

The Good, the Bad and the Roy

11. ROY: Series 2, The Good, the Bad and the Roy

When Roy finds himself facing a big moral dilemma, his two consciences appear to help him.

Uncle Troy

12. ROY: Series 2, Uncle Troy

Roy pretends to be his uncle, teacher Troy O'Brien, but Miss Sheringham is suspicious.

Roy's Review

13. ROY: Series 2, Roy's Review

A school board member pays a visit to assess Roy.