Series 3

Series 3

The O'Brien family are an ordinary family - well, almost. Roy O' Brien is a little different - he's a cartoon!

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Roy on Film

1. ROY: Series 3, Roy on Film

The O'Briens move home for Maura's new job promotion.

50ft Roy

2. ROY: Series 3, 50ft Roy

After being bullied, Roy accidentally turns himself into a 50ft giant.

Roy's Bad Hair Day

3. ROY: Series 3, Roy's Bad Hair Day

Roy tries to change his look and soon finds himself with hair that won't stop growing.

Roy's Quest

4. ROY: Series 3, Roy's Quest

Roy believes he is living inside a game called Dragon's Breath.


5. ROY: Series 3, Snookered

Bill forces Roy to compete in a snooker match against Deco.

Supersize Roy

6. ROY: Series 3, Supersize Roy

Roy creates havoc in a class project.

The Roy Trap

7. ROY: Series 3, The Roy Trap

Roy hears his parents arguing and worries that they may be separating.

Mocking Is Catching

8. ROY: Series 3, Mocking Is Catching

Roy acts the jester during Shakespeare Day.

Be Careful What You Wish For!

9. ROY: Series 3, Be Careful What You Wish For!

When Mr Hammond quits, Roy and the gang plot to get him back.

Konnichi Roy

10. ROY: Series 3, Konnichi Roy

Roy becomes immersed in Japanese culture for a school project.

I'm a Big Roy Now

11. ROY: Series 3, I'm a Big Roy Now

Deco challenges Roy to a competition in the seaside town of Bray.

Roy's First Kiss

12. ROY: Series 3, Roy's First Kiss

Roy's role in the school production of Sleeping Beauty means he will have to kiss Tara.

Freaky Froyday

13. ROY: Series 3, Freaky Froyday

When Roy accidentally falls into a film projector, Roy and Mr Hammond swap bodies.