Series 4

Series 4

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Roy 2.0

1. ROY: Series 4, Roy 2.0

Roy brings his photocopied double to life to help with the chores.

Bubble Trouble

2. ROY: Series 4, Bubble Trouble

Deco's thoughts become visible to everyone around him in the form of cartoon bubbles.

Stupid Cupid

3. ROY: Series 4, Stupid Cupid

Roy believes Miss Jervis is leaving the school because she is heartbroken.

Roy's Terrible Twos

4. ROY: Series 4, Roy's Terrible Twos

Roy wakes up to find himself trapped in the body of a baby. Will he ever grow up again?

Too Cool for School

5. ROY: Series 4, Too Cool for School

The gang are amazed when Niall draws a picture of Mr Hammond on Roy.

Karma Chameleon

6. ROY: Series 4, Karma Chameleon

With Bill and Maura at a wedding, Becky is left in charge of Roy.

Going Ape

7. ROY: Series 4, Going Ape

A face-painting incident turns Roy into a gorilla.

Blush Hour

8. ROY: Series 4, Blush Hour

Roy's father takes the job of temporary janitor at Sandyford Progressive Learning.

And the Winner Is

9. ROY: Series 4, And the Winner Is

Roy wins a dinner date with Hollywood Vampire actor and hunk Zach Morgan.

Fright of a Lifetime

10. ROY: Series 4, Fright of a Lifetime

Roy and Becky want to stop Bill and Maura's embarrassing obsession with Halloween.

Roy Junior

11. ROY: Series 4, Roy Junior

Roy and his classmates have to look after eggs for a school project.


12. ROY: Series 4, Buddy

Roy's imaginary friend Buddy comes back into his life after an absence of seven years.

Roy, Roy, CGI Boy

13. ROY: Series 4, Roy, Roy, CGI Boy

A freak occurrence gives Roy the possibility of becoming a CGI cartoon.