The Roy Files

The Roy Files

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1. The Roy Files: Embarrassment

Roy learns that we all get embarrassed from time to time and that it is okay.


2. The Roy Files: Winning

Roy realises that winning is nice but you don't always need an award to be a winner.


3. The Roy Files: Bullies

Roy explores his least favourite topic - one that he can't ignore any more - bullies.


4. The Roy Files: Responsibility

Roy discovers that it is the sensible thing to be responsible.

Being Yourself

5. The Roy Files: Being Yourself

Roy learns that we all have quirks that we would like to change and that nobody's perfect.


6. The Roy Files: Imagination

Roy learns that everyone's got a unique imagination and the best part is - it's free.

Healthy Living

7. The Roy Files: Healthy Living

Roy explores the different ways in which he has tried to embrace healthy living.

Fears and Phobias

8. The Roy Files: Fears and Phobias

Roy looks into the curious world of fears and phobias.

Truth and Lies

9. The Roy Files: Truth and Lies

Roy discusses why it is important to be honest and tell the truth.


10. The Roy Files: Music

Roy discusses his love of music and the many joys it brings.

Pets and Animals

11. The Roy Files: Pets and Animals

Roy discusses how much he loves animals of all shapes and sizes.


12. The Roy Files: Crushes

Roy explores the joy, fun and complications of having a crush and first love.


13. The Roy Files: Teachers

Roy explores the importance of giving teachers the attention and respect they deserve.


14. The Roy Files: Mistakes

Roy discusses that making mistakes is a part of life.

Be Careful What You Wish For

15. The Roy Files: Be Careful What You Wish For

Roy warns to be careful what you wish for.