Series 4

Series 4

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Sleepy Ted

1. The Slammer: Series 4, Sleepy Ted

The Governor is absolutely exhausted. Will he make it to the end of the show?

Trouble in Store

2. The Slammer: Series 4, Trouble in Store

The prison is being turned into a supermarket! Could this be the last ever Freedom Show?

Slammer Grannies

3. The Slammer: Series 4, Slammer Grannies

A coachload of grannies decide to pay a visit, with mischief on their minds.

The Dragon

4. The Slammer: Series 4, The Dragon

The new prison officer is an absolute nightmare, even Mr Burgess is scared.

Dressed to Impress

5. The Slammer: Series 4, Dressed to Impress

The Governor has lost his showtime suit - what will he wear for the show?

Governor Gimbert

6. The Slammer: Series 4, Governor Gimbert

The Freedom Show stars amazing hand dancers and a magical snow globe act.

The Wrong Impression

7. The Slammer: Series 4, The Wrong Impression

Brilliant impressionist Paul Burling causes vocal mayhem in the prison.

Mimer's Strike

8. The Slammer: Series 4, Mimer's Strike

The Governor is held hostage as one of the inmates takes matters into his own hands.

Home for Magic Rabbits

9. The Slammer: Series 4, Home for Magic Rabbits

Featuring a stunning football act and truly incredible speed artist!

Angry Puppet

10. The Slammer: Series 4, Angry Puppet

One of prisoner Pete's puppets is magically brought to life, with unexpected consequences.

Stuck on You

11. The Slammer: Series 4, Stuck on You

Dangerously sticky glue leads to a last-minute disaster for the Freedom Show.

The Broken Vent

12. The Slammer: Series 4, The Broken Vent

The Freedom Show stars an incredible trapeze act and a spectacular spinning cube act!

Slammer Uncovered

13. The Slammer: Series 4, Slammer Uncovered

The governor looks back at some of the amazing acts recently incarcerated in the Slammer.