Series 3

Series 3

Children's ntertainment show in which a group of comedians enter a mock prison. Each programme sees four of the acts perform for their freedom in front of a live studio audience

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It's a Puppet

1. The Slammer: Series 3, It's a Puppet

There are big changes for the Freedom Show when the governor receives a fax.

Breaking In

2. The Slammer: Series 3, Breaking In

Who is the dazzling new prisoner Stevie Sparkle? And what showbiz crime has he committed?

Chicken Fever

3. The Slammer: Series 3, Chicken Fever

The Slammer is infected with a terrifying chicken fever.


4. The Slammer: Series 3, Strike

'The Hamster' is coming to the Slammer and he loves causing trouble.

Quizzee Rascal

5. The Slammer: Series 3, Quizzee Rascal

A notorious gameshow host is brought to the Slammer.

Who Is the Governor?

6. The Slammer: Series 3, Who Is the Governor?

Will the Governor remember which acts he's chosen for the Freedom Show?

Slammer Power

7. The Slammer: Series 3, Slammer Power

The electricity bill is sky high - will the Freedom Show be left in the dark?

Gov on the Run

8. The Slammer: Series 3, Gov on the Run

The governor decides to give it all up and pursue his own showbiz career.

Laughing on the Inside

9. The Slammer: Series 3, Laughing on the Inside

One of the clowns is missing and it's up to Detective Fronzo to find him.

The Lost Laugh

10. The Slammer: Series 3, The Lost Laugh

The Guv has lost his mojo, but can the dentist help?

Good, Isn't It?

11. The Slammer: Series 3, Good, Isn't It?

Marvellous Marvin has 'the greatest act the world has ever seen'. Or does he?


12. The Slammer: Series 3, Walkies

Britney Spaniel has the world's greatest dog act, and she makes the governor beg for more.

Tough Nut

13. The Slammer: Series 3, Tough Nut

The hardest nut in the Slammer wants Pete to help him get a place on the Freedom Show.

Highlights Show

14. The Slammer: Series 3, Highlights Show

A selection of the best bits from the third series.

A Slammer Christmas

15. The Slammer: Series 3, A Slammer Christmas

It is pantomime time in the Slammer. Oh no it isn't. Oh yes it is!