Series 1

Series 1

Drama series about three smart but socially awkward 13-year-old friends trying to make sense of life, boys and fitting in.

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1. So Awkward: Series 1, Parentology

Lily's mum is determined to find out who her boyfriend is.


2. So Awkward: Series 1, Friendundancy

Natasha Jones invites Lily to join her group and dress in yellow on mufti day.

A Minus

3. So Awkward: Series 1, A Minus

Jas helps Lily come up with a plan to get closer to Matt.

The Nox Factor

4. So Awkward: Series 1, The Nox Factor

Lily and Jas compete for Martha's extra ticket for an upcoming science talk.

Mr Sicky Bear

5. So Awkward: Series 1, Mr Sicky Bear

Jas is excited to be playing Juliet but is incapable of sticking to the script.

Love Machine

6. So Awkward: Series 1, Love Machine

The trio adapt some software so it can assess the compatibility of humans.

Library vs Tree

7. So Awkward: Series 1, Library vs Tree

Jas learns her favourite tree will be cut down to make way for the new school library.

Space Over

8. So Awkward: Series 1, Space Over

Lily is upset to discover that Matt is going out with cool girl Greta Masters.

Fitzgerald vs Fitzgerald

9. So Awkward: Series 1, Fitzgerald vs Fitzgerald

Martha sets out to prove that she has what it takes to become a human rights lawyer.

Rox My World

10. So Awkward: Series 1, Rox My World

The girls team up to enter a National Young Inventors competition.

Good Girls

11. So Awkward: Series 1, Good Girls

When Lily loses her tie she unwittingly takes one belonging to someone else.

Everybody Loves Clementine

12. So Awkward: Series 1, Everybody Loves Clementine

Lily invents a fictional classmate called Clementine Moustache.

Pouncing Tigers

13. So Awkward: Series 1, Pouncing Tigers

Jas signs her friends up to a charity basketball tournament to impress a boy.