Series 2

Series 2

Drama series about three smart but socially awkward friends trying to make sense of life, boys and fitting in.

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Dinner Date

1. So Awkward: Series 2, Dinner Date

The girls invite Matt round to dinner at Lily's house but Mr Malone also drops by.

PSHE Hee Hee

2. So Awkward: Series 2, PSHE Hee Hee

Martha is worried Mr Malone is not up to teaching PSHE and that she will fail the subject.

Locustium Insectium

3. So Awkward: Series 2, Locustium Insectium

Jas has fallen in love with the school locusts and is tenderly looking after them.

The Kiss

4. So Awkward: Series 2, The Kiss

Lily decides she must kiss Matt to prove they really are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Slang Gang

5. So Awkward: Series 2, Slang Gang

Jade comes up with the idea of a graffiti wall at school, and Lily finds Matt's diary.

Girls & Boys

6. So Awkward: Series 2, Girls & Boys

Dressed up as boys for drama, the girls get mistaken for boys by Mrs Griggs.


7. So Awkward: Series 2, BFF

Martha becomes an accidental rebel when she gets locked in the library.

Race to the Bottom

8. So Awkward: Series 2, Race to the Bottom

Martha and Lily desperately compete to avoid being top of the class.

Party Clause

9. So Awkward: Series 2, Party Clause

Martha and Jas's joint birthday plans cause some arguments.

What Would Emmeline Do?

10. So Awkward: Series 2, What Would Emmeline Do?

When a photo of Martha in the school prospectus is photoshopped she is outraged.

The Salford Curse

11. So Awkward: Series 2, The Salford Curse

Jas decides to follow in her dad's footsteps and try out for the junior hockey team.

Eye Contact

12. So Awkward: Series 2, Eye Contact

Mrs Griggs decides that a social skills class could be beneficial for certain pupils.

Totes Emosh

13. So Awkward: Series 2, Totes Emosh

Martha is troubled when she is the only person unable to cry in an emotional assembly.