Series 3

Series 3

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The Two Mrs Hamptons

1. So Awkward: Series 3, The Two Mrs Hamptons

Lily tries to avoid turning out like her mum. Martha and Ollie pretend to be a couple.

Ms Perfect

2. So Awkward: Series 3, Ms Perfect

Lily finds Rob's behaviour gross and decides to give him a dose of his own medicine.

Science Chic

3. So Awkward: Series 3, Science Chic

A business studies competition is announced at school.

A Room of Her Own

4. So Awkward: Series 3, A Room of Her Own

Lily decides her bedroom is babyish and needs a makeover.

Never the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

5. So Awkward: Series 3, Never the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

Jas is asked to be a bridesmaid but is worried about being too clumsy to pull it off.

Fly Me to The Moon

6. So Awkward: Series 3, Fly Me to The Moon

The girls create science projects for Experiment Friday.

Hormone Horror

7. So Awkward: Series 3, Hormone Horror

Martha is horrified to realise that her hormones are kicking in.

Ultimate Bucket

8. So Awkward: Series 3, Ultimate Bucket

Martha and Ollie throw Cassie and Maxwell off the maths team.

Anger Management

9. So Awkward: Series 3, Anger Management

Lily is upset with Rob's easy-going nature and decides to 'cure' him.


10. So Awkward: Series 3, Megasaurus

Lily worries that Jas is feeling left out and decides she needs a boyfriend.

Bug Brooch

11. So Awkward: Series 3, Bug Brooch

Lily is delighted when Rob buys her a present - only it's a horrible bug-shaped brooch!

Cranmede Fever

12. So Awkward: Series 3, Cranmede Fever

When Lily and Martha get the flu, Maxwell and Cassie are roped into a school quiz.

So Long, Farewell

13. So Awkward: Series 3, So Long, Farewell

Martha is offered a place at Greatacre, the boarding school her mother once went to.