Dennis & Gnasher

Dennis & Gnasher

Animation. Dennis lives in Beanotown with Mum, Dad, little sister Bea and his pet dog, Gnasher. Dennis and Gnasher believe the world truly is their oyster and that kids should make the rules.

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The Way of Den-Do

1. Dennis & Gnasher: The Way of Den-Do

After Walter takes up origami as a martial art, Dennis comes up with his own martial art.

Smelling of Roses

2. Dennis & Gnasher: Smelling of Roses

Dennis receives an award as a result of his apparent enthusiasm for recycling.

Curtains for Dennis

3. Dennis & Gnasher: Curtains for Dennis

An unfortunate incident leaves the colonel in possession of Mum's new curtain material.


4. Dennis & Gnasher: Splash!

Despite a hosepipe ban, Dennis and his friends set out to make their own swimming pool.

The Mystery of the Missing Teapot

5. Dennis & Gnasher: The Mystery of the Missing Teapot

After going through some of Dad's old junk, Dennis is inspired to be a private detective.

Castle in the Air

6. Dennis & Gnasher: Castle in the Air

The fair hits Beanotown on the same day that Dennis has to babysit Bea.

Aliens Among Us

7. Dennis & Gnasher: Aliens Among Us

Dennis and his friends decide to make their own alien film, inadvertently causing panic.

No Joke

8. Dennis & Gnasher: No Joke

The joke shop owner, Mr Har Har, needs Dennis's help to keep his shop open.

Dennis VIP

9. Dennis & Gnasher: Dennis VIP

Dennis and friends cause trouble with a backstage pass for a Ratbucket gig.

Bad Dad

10. Dennis & Gnasher: Bad Dad

Dennis is forced to help out at Dad's old school reunion party.

Gnasher in Nappies

11. Dennis & Gnasher: Gnasher in Nappies

Gnasher is given to a couple who mistakenly think he is their baby.

Rubberbands and Paperclips

12. Dennis & Gnasher: Rubberbands and Paperclips

Because of Dennis's attempt to get a new bike, his Dad is fired from his job.


13. Dennis & Gnasher: Boot

A new, super-efficient police sergeant is in town and his rules are too strict.


14. Dennis & Gnasher: Breakout

Gnasher and Gnipper are trapped in the dog pound and Dennis must rescue them.

Eyes on the Prize

15. Dennis & Gnasher: Eyes on the Prize

In order to earn a new skateboard, Dennis needs to win a school prize for best behaviour.

Dance of the Seven Pies

16. Dennis & Gnasher: Dance of the Seven Pies

Dennis takes on the role of Pie Face's dance teacher to help him win a competition.

Pond Monster

17. Dennis & Gnasher: Pond Monster

Dennis and his friends reclaim the newly reopened Beanotown Park for fun.

Dennis's Thank-Yous

18. Dennis & Gnasher: Dennis's Thank-Yous

Dennis tries to give overdue thanks for all his past birthday and Christmas gifts.

Fish Tale

19. Dennis & Gnasher: Fish Tale

Dennis meets his menacing match as he tries to catch the legendary Pike of Beanotown Lake.

Masters of the House

20. Dennis & Gnasher: Masters of the House

Mum attends a yoga retreat, leaving Dennis and Dad to look after the house.

Game On

21. Dennis & Gnasher: Game On

Dennis needs to beat Walter at a computer game in order to rescue Pie Face and Curly.

All in the Menacing

22. Dennis & Gnasher: All in the Menacing

During a trip to the vet, Gnasher swallows a canister of laughing gas.

Attack of the Walterbot

23. Dennis & Gnasher: Attack of the Walterbot

Dennis and Walter both make robots for a school project, but there is an accident.

Great Outdoors

24. Dennis & Gnasher: Great Outdoors

Dennis, Gnasher and Dad must work together on a camping trip.

No Pies for Pie Face

25. Dennis & Gnasher: No Pies for Pie Face

Dennis and friends try to keep Pie Face away from the Beanotown Pie Festival.

Dog Tired

26. Dennis & Gnasher: Dog Tired

Dennis challenges Walter to a football game in the park.

Dig This

27. Dennis & Gnasher: Dig This

Dennis and his class go on a trip to an archaeological site.

The In Crowd

28. Dennis & Gnasher: The In Crowd

Dennis and his friends want to go to the Ratbucket gig, but they don't have tickets.

First Aid Dennis

29. Dennis & Gnasher: First Aid Dennis

Dennis and Gnasher believe the world is their oyster and that kids should make the rules.

Rock and a Hard Place

30. Dennis & Gnasher: Rock and a Hard Place

Dennis is made to attend a neighbourhood watch meeting by his parents.

Horsey Havoc

31. Dennis & Gnasher: Horsey Havoc

Dennis breaks Bea's toy horse, so he searches for a new one to cheer her up.


32. Dennis & Gnasher: Grounded

Dennis is grounded on the first day of the summer holidays and he can't stomach it.

Double Act

33. Dennis & Gnasher: Double Act

Gnasher and Gnipper enter a dog show, regardless of Walter saying they don't have talent.

The Curse of Madam Gigi

34. Dennis & Gnasher: The Curse of Madam Gigi

Walter disguises himself as fortune teller Madam Gigi, warning Dennis not to hurt Walter.

Random Access Mayhem

35. Dennis & Gnasher: Random Access Mayhem

A new school computer system gives Dennis an idea, but the idea makes Walter suspicious.

Treehouse Treason

36. Dennis & Gnasher: Treehouse Treason

Dennis and Gnasher believe the world is their oyster and that kids should make the rules.

Menace and Co

37. Dennis & Gnasher: Menace and Co

Walter is hired over the summer holidays as Dad's assistant.

No Place Like Home

38. Dennis & Gnasher: No Place Like Home

Dennis and Gnasher believe the world is their oyster and that kids should make the rules.

Dennis Jumps the Line

39. Dennis & Gnasher: Dennis Jumps the Line

Dennis and Gnasher believe the world is their oyster and that kids should make the rules.

Operation Windbreaker

40. Dennis & Gnasher: Operation Windbreaker

Dennis and Gnasher believe the world is their oyster and that kids should make the rules.

Menace on the Mend

41. Dennis & Gnasher: Menace on the Mend

To avoid getting into trouble Dennis acts ill, resulting in a boring night in hospital.

Athena's Party

42. Dennis & Gnasher: Athena's Party

Dennis builds a BMX course next to the tent where Athena is hosting her VIP party.

Dennis's Hiccups

43. Dennis & Gnasher: Dennis's Hiccups

Dennis gets a bad case of the hiccups after opening one of Mr Har Har's can-o-giggles.

Nanny State

44. Dennis & Gnasher: Nanny State

Mum and Dad enlist the help of Nanny Moonbeam to help correct Dennis's naughty behaviour.

Mother's Day

45. Dennis & Gnasher: Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, Dennis tries to please Mum by staying out of trouble for the whole day.

Run Rabbit Run

46. Dennis & Gnasher: Run Rabbit Run

Dennis's mum is looking after Walter's rabbit while he is away and Dennis lets it loose.

Beanotown in Bloom

47. Dennis & Gnasher: Beanotown in Bloom

Dennis accidentally wrecks the garden while trying to give Gnasher a bath.

Fangs for the Memories

48. Dennis & Gnasher: Fangs for the Memories

Dennis and Gnasher go on the search for a vampire on the loose in Beanotown.

Curly's Collection

49. Dennis & Gnasher: Curly's Collection

Curly keeps missing band practice, so Dennis and Pie Face find out what he has been doing.

Substitute Creecher

50. Dennis & Gnasher: Substitute Creecher

Dennis comes up with a plan for his parents to meet a fake teacher at parents' evening.


51. Dennis & Gnasher: Lost

To avoid a boring school outing, Dennis and his friends take a canoe onto Beanotown Lake.

You're Joking

52. Dennis & Gnasher: You're Joking

Dennis helps to invent a new line of jokes, calling them the Menace Collection.