Series 6

Series 6

Series which follows the work of teams of probate detectives, who track down missing family members of people who have died without making a will.

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1. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Cornish/Nearne

The search for Eileen Nearne's heirs reveals an incredible secret related to World War II.


2. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Wright/Soberg

The search for Howard Soberg's relatives reveals his past as a submariner in the Cold War.


3. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Granger/Harrington

The death of Constance Harrington from Worthing sheds light on a notorious scandal.


4. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Snare/Warcup

The heir hunters are trying to find relatives of Margaret Snare, who died aged 85 in 2010.


5. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Mead/Miller

The team are trying to find the heirs to the estate of Robert Mead, who died in Thailand.

Johnson/ Jones

6. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Johnson/ Jones

The team investigate the case of Arthur Jones who died leaving a 225,000 pounds estate.

Wingrove/ Lotocky

7. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Wingrove/ Lotocky

The case of Daisy Wingrove sees the team tackling one of their biggest ever cases.

Bryant/ Mason

8. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Bryant/ Mason

The heir hunters investigate the case of Rita Mason, who died in 2010 in West Bromwich.

Littlewood/ Burgum

9. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Littlewood/ Burgum

The team investigate the case of Evelyn Burgum and the mystery surrounding her life.

Miller/ Woor

10. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Miller/ Woor

The team uncover the complicated life of Brett Miller who tragically died aged just 39.


11. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Yanchuk/Gibson

The heir hunters try to crack the case of Brian Yanchuk, who died in 2004.


12. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Bennett/Willey

The team investigate the case of William Bennett, who was a member of the Pioneer Corps.


13. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Szymanski/Edwards

The hunt is on for heirs to the estate of Garry Szymanski, who died in Birmingham in 2010.


14. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Clarke/Thornton

The team seek the heirs of Birmingham-based pen maker Gordon Clarke.


15. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Hunt/Webbe

The case of Robin Hunt proves a difficult one for the heir hunters.


16. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Tunstall/Konigk

The team think they have located a possible brother of the deceased John Tunstall.


18. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Smee/Valentine

The team discover the story of David Smee, who seemingly retreated from the world.


19. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Lane/Campbell

The heir hunters are searching for the heirs to the £200,000 estate of William Lane.


20. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Boyne/Pridmore

The search for heirs to Eleanor Pridmore uncovers a mining family hit by tragedy.