Series 1

Series 1

Drama series for four- to six-year-olds about the parallel lives of parents at work and their children, who stay with warm-hearted minder Granny Murray

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2. Me Too!: Series 1, Fireworks

Granny and the children are going to see the firework display.

Tummy Rumbles

3. Me Too!: Series 1, Tummy Rumbles

Mickey John is so busy making a model pirate ship that he forgets to eat his lunch.

I Want to See the Parade

4. Me Too!: Series 1, I Want to See the Parade

Feeling glum about missing the parade, Dr Juno creates her own carnival in the hospital.

The Waterfall

5. Me Too!: Series 1, The Waterfall

Rudi works at his stall in the rain, but his friends cheer up the grey day for him.

The Puncture

6. Me Too!: Series 1, The Puncture

The children are having an energetic day at Granny Murray's.

Bumps in the Night

7. Me Too!: Series 1, Bumps in the Night

One stormy night, Bobby is feeling jittery and it's the final straw when her broom breaks.

Cheese and Tomato Toasties

8. Me Too!: Series 1, Cheese and Tomato Toasties

Raymond runs out of bread and heads for the best bakery in Drumtown to stock up.


10. Me Too!: Series 1, Baby

Dr Juno has a hard time finding Bruce, who might miss his baby being born.

Road Works

11. Me Too!: Series 1, Road Works

There are roadworks everywhere in Riverseafingal, even next to Rudi's stall in the market.

The Rattle

12. Me Too!: Series 1, The Rattle

Tina hears noises while driving. She is convinced there is a carnival parade in town.

Kilts Away

13. Me Too!: Series 1, Kilts Away

Raymond has lots of festival travellers on the train.

I Want to Stay Up All Night

14. Me Too!: Series 1, I Want to Stay Up All Night

Kai wants to stay up all night and Granny Murray has no idea what to do.

Less Rush

16. Me Too!: Series 1, Less Rush

Dr Juno has a very busy day and the more she rushes, the less she seems to get done.

Cow Near the Line

17. Me Too!: Series 1, Cow Near the Line

A train is delayed due to a cow on the line.


18. Me Too!: Series 1, Tricks

Roger Wizardo is doing a performance at school, but doesn't have his magician's outfit.

Granny Murray's Potato Recipes

19. Me Too!: Series 1, Granny Murray's Potato Recipes

Granny Murray's potato recipes are a big hit in Riverseafingal.

I Want to Say Goodnight

20. Me Too!: Series 1, I Want to Say Goodnight

Bobby misses Kai's call to say goodnight.

Fruit Bus

21. Me Too!: Series 1, Fruit Bus

There's a healthy eating campaign on the buses.


22. Me Too!: Series 1, Operation

Granny and the children are having a cuddly day.


23. Me Too!: Series 1, Fantastical

Mickey John tells a great story about a king and queen, and the children draw pictures.


24. Me Too!: Series 1, Ratatouille

Rudi mislays Raymond's list of vegetables for Granny Murray's ratatouille recipe.


25. Me Too!: Series 1, Snooze

Raymond falls asleep in the sunshine and nearly misses the train home.

Sports Day

26. Me Too!: Series 1, Sports Day

It's sports day at Mickey John's school, but the weather is showery.

The Airport

27. Me Too!: Series 1, The Airport

Tina's taking the Ferryboat Band to the airport to catch their flight.

A Funny Turn

28. Me Too!: Series 1, A Funny Turn

Dr Juno has had such a busy day that she has completely forgotten to eat.

Fashion Show

30. Me Too!: Series 1, Fashion Show

Tina has a tough time squeezing outfits into her pink taxi.


31. Me Too!: Series 1, Strawberries

Rudi's stall sells all of its strawberries, so he sends Tina to the farm to pick more.

I Like to Laugh

32. Me Too!: Series 1, I Like to Laugh

Tina is having trouble remembering her lines for her performance.


34. Me Too!: Series 1, Laundry

Even though it is laundry day, Granny makes time to take the children to the rugby.


35. Me Too!: Series 1, Robot

Bobby wants to get a present for Kai, but the day is so busy.

Popcorn Express

36. Me Too!: Series 1, Popcorn Express

It is cinema day and Raymond adds popcorn to the buffet car menu.

Find Your Way

37. Me Too!: Series 1, Find Your Way

Tina gets lost trying to find the way to Splash 'n' Swim and is too proud to say so.


38. Me Too!: Series 1, Cricket

The children are playing ball games with Granny Murray.

Market Cries

39. Me Too!: Series 1, Market Cries

Granny Murray is doing teamwork with the children in the park.

The Pet

40. Me Too!: Series 1, The Pet

Bobby gets chosen by a kitten that has been left in the depot.

Harlequin Day

41. Me Too!: Series 1, Harlequin Day

Dr Juno has been too busy sorting out the Harlequin Day to organise the opening.

The Treat

42. Me Too!: Series 1, The Treat

Mickey John compares Raymond's fast new train to old steam engines of days gone by.

The Driving Lesson

43. Me Too!: Series 1, The Driving Lesson

Grannie takes the kids on a car walk, looking at cars in the city.

Water Water Everywhere

44. Me Too!: Series 1, Water Water Everywhere

Raymond ends up ordering far more water than he needs for the buffet car on the train.


45. Me Too!: Series 1, Smiles

Bobby wants to get a present for Jim, the bus driver who always says hello to her.


46. Me Too!: Series 1, Signs

Rudi has far too many pears to sell, but comes up with a great idea to shift them.

Castle Rocks

47. Me Too!: Series 1, Castle Rocks

Granny Murray, Sampson and the children go to the Castle Rock concert.

The Fancy Dress

48. Me Too!: Series 1, The Fancy Dress

Tina gives Bobby her fancy dress costume because she can't make it to the party.

Give a Wave Day

49. Me Too!: Series 1, Give a Wave Day

Bobby doesn't realise that she has to decorate the buses for Give a Wave Day.

Creative Train

50. Me Too!: Series 1, Creative Train

Raymond gets the activities for the creative train day sorted out in the buffet car.


51. Me Too!: Series 1, Rubbish

Rudi's fruit cups are a success, but everyone is leaving the cups on the ground.


52. Me Too!: Series 1, Parking

Tina goes to do her shopping before collecting Lisa from Granny Murray's.

Lolly Sticks

53. Me Too!: Series 1, Lolly Sticks

The children go to the fair and they learn about about shapes, colours and numbers.

Story Bus

54. Me Too!: Series 1, Story Bus

Bobby makes a special picture book for Kai from old bus adverts.

Everything Has Its Place

55. Me Too!: Series 1, Everything Has Its Place

Mickey John muddles up all the fruit on Rudi's market stall.

The Disco Taxi

56. Me Too!: Series 1, The Disco Taxi

It's Lisa's birthday and Granny Murray throws a party. Tina brings something special.

The School Trip

57. Me Too!: Series 1, The School Trip

Raymond has to sort out the lunches when Mickey John takes the children on a school trip.

The Planetarium

58. Me Too!: Series 1, The Planetarium

Mickey John is taking Granny Murray's children to look at the stars with his telescope.

The Clock

59. Me Too!: Series 1, The Clock

Mickey John tries to understand how a clock works, and breaks it in the process.


60. Me Too!: Series 1, Niggles

Raymond is very annoyed, but soon realises that his behaviour is driving customers away.

Midnight Dancing

61. Me Too!: Series 1, Midnight Dancing

Tina and Raymond are dancing while the Ferry Boat Band play on live TV.

The Lost Mouse

62. Me Too!: Series 1, The Lost Mouse

Tina and Raymond are going to get Lisa a pet, but they can't decide what.

Silly Day

63. Me Too!: Series 1, Silly Day

It's Silly Day in Riverseafingal. Everyone is raising money for the hospital.

Seaside Run

64. Me Too!: Series 1, Seaside Run

It's the taxi drivers' annual day trip to the seaside with the children.

Hat Parade

65. Me Too!: Series 1, Hat Parade

The hat parade is on at the People's Palace in the park.

Play Safe

66. Me Too!: Series 1, Play Safe

Rollerskating is the latest craze in Riverseafingal.

Running Out

67. Me Too!: Series 1, Running Out

Rudi forgets to reorder stock for his stall, so he calls Tina and asks for her help.

Painting by Numbers

68. Me Too!: Series 1, Painting by Numbers

Mickey John teaches art using a painting-by-numbers picture.

Leaky Bus

69. Me Too!: Series 1, Leaky Bus

Bobby organises some bus repairs and gets a broken toy mended.

Clean Floors

70. Me Too!: Series 1, Clean Floors

Some oil is spilt on the floor. Will it be found before someone has an accident?


71. Me Too!: Series 1, Precious

Tina visits hospital with a little girl after getting the girl's ring stuck on her finger.

Fruit Race

72. Me Too!: Series 1, Fruit Race

It is fruit race day in Riverseafingal but Rudi has forgotten to decorate the finish line.


73. Me Too!: Series 1, Grumpy

Nurse Hendry is grumpy and his unhappy face is making everyone in the hospital gloomy.

Fun with Words

74. Me Too!: Series 1, Fun with Words

Mickey John is teaching poetry but he sends his class to sleep. Tina and Raymond help.

Fingal's Rock

75. Me Too!: Series 1, Fingal's Rock

Dr Juno has a problem with people getting lost on the way to x-ray.