Series 2

Series 2

Drama series for four- to six-year-olds about the parallel lives of parents at work and their children, who stay with warm-hearted minder Granny Murray

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Eat Your Greens

1. Me Too!: Series 2, Eat Your Greens

Rudi is doing a photoshoot to help Dr Juno with her healthy eating campaign.


2. Me Too!: Series 2, Sorted

Bobby discovers a birthday card has been left on one of her buses.

The Fete

3. Me Too!: Series 2, The Fete

Granny Murray takes Sampson and the children to the fete.

Gymnastic Display

4. Me Too!: Series 2, Gymnastic Display

Tina is opening Bobby's gymnastic display with a scarf dance.

Auntie's Day Out

5. Me Too!: Series 2, Auntie's Day Out

Tina takes her old auntie on a day trip to Bruges.

Jive Times Table

6. Me Too!: Series 2, Jive Times Table

Mickey John is not looking forward to taking his maths lesson.

Smiles and Frowns

7. Me Too!: Series 2, Smiles and Frowns

Raymond makes a special meal for Rudi and Louie and produces a lovely birthday cake.

Bags Away

8. Me Too!: Series 2, Bags Away

It's a gusty day, and Rudi's bags get blown from the stall.

Changing Wheel

9. Me Too!: Series 2, Changing Wheel

Bobby discovers a flat tyre on one of the buses. Will she be able to fix it?

Counting Cows

10. Me Too!: Series 2, Counting Cows

Tina tells Granny Murray about the cowboy parade happening in Riverseafingal.

Lost Mop

12. Me Too!: Series 2, Lost Mop

Bobby is busy at work cleaning the buses when she gets distracted.

Girl on a Bike

13. Me Too!: Series 2, Girl on a Bike

Tina is very nervous about her one-woman show.

Sunshine Fruit

14. Me Too!: Series 2, Sunshine Fruit

The rain makes everyone in Riverseafingal very glum.


15. Me Too!: Series 2, Map

Mickey John is giving a lesson on maps which he finds fascinating, but his class does not.


16. Me Too!: Series 2, Comfy

Tina is so busy and rushing round that she doesn't realise that her taxi seat has burst.

Spooky Party

17. Me Too!: Series 2, Spooky Party

Mickey John is having a Halloween party in his classroom, with spooky vegetable lanterns.


18. Me Too!: Series 2, Chocolate

Raymond and Rudi visit Bruges to find new recipes for the buffet car.

Pirate Hospital

19. Me Too!: Series 2, Pirate Hospital

The children are going to Jordan's pirate party, but his arm is broken.

Good Advice

20. Me Too!: Series 2, Good Advice

Raymond tries to sell snack crumbles but people are buying fruit instead.

The Burst Water Main

21. Me Too!: Series 2, The Burst Water Main

When a water main bursts right at Rudi's stall, he has to act fast to move it.

The Coffee Machine

22. Me Too!: Series 2, The Coffee Machine

Raymond is very proud of his coffee machine - until it stops working.


23. Me Too!: Series 2, Giving

Drama. Mickey John is given a fir cone by Rebecca and a nature collection from Bobby.


24. Me Too!: Series 2, Sunburn

It is a hot day and lots of people are going to hospital with sunburn.

Eyes and Teeth

25. Me Too!: Series 2, Eyes and Teeth

Mickey John's teeth-cleaning campaign needs a bit of brightening up.

First Aid

26. Me Too!: Series 2, First Aid

Raymond's first-aid kit is empty, and he has a grazed arm.

Bouncy Day

27. Me Too!: Series 2, Bouncy Day

There is a bouncing festival on, and everyone is getting very excited.

Making a Fuss

28. Me Too!: Series 2, Making a Fuss

Dr Juno tries to calm down Mickey John, who gets into a panic that he has overreacted.

Book Sale

29. Me Too!: Series 2, Book Sale

Mickey John is holding a book sale to raise funds for the school.


30. Me Too!: Series 2, Masks

Tina and Raymond are performing Cinderella on a ferry boat.


31. Me Too!: Series 2, Flags

Rudi likes Mickey John's idea that everyone should learn something each day.

Form Filling

32. Me Too!: Series 2, Form Filling

Bobby has lots of forms to fill in at work and doesn't know if she has the time.

Football Special

33. Me Too!: Series 2, Football Special

Everyone on the train wants to listen to the big football match, except Mickey John.

Clever Dog

34. Me Too!: Series 2, Clever Dog

Sampson stops a child from running out onto the road. Dr Juno is very proud of him.

Wedding Car

35. Me Too!: Series 2, Wedding Car

Tina is taking Dr Juno to a wedding, so her taxi has to look its best.

Celebrity Chef

37. Me Too!: Series 2, Celebrity Chef

Rudi has a celebrity chef coming to do a cooking demonstration at his stall.


38. Me Too!: Series 2, Writing

Mickey John can't read his class's stories because he made the children write in a rush.

The Hike

39. Me Too!: Series 2, The Hike

Raymond has nearly run out of food, and Mickey John and his cub scouts are famished.

Smelling of Roses

40. Me Too!: Series 2, Smelling of Roses

There is a horrible smell coming from Tina's taxi. She soon works out what's causing it.

Clean Corridors

41. Me Too!: Series 2, Clean Corridors

Dr Juno is upset when Bobby tells her that the hospital is dirty - but Bobby is right.


42. Me Too!: Series 2, Soapy

Bobby doesn't realise that the bucket she is using to clean the buses is dirty.

The Suitcase

43. Me Too!: Series 2, The Suitcase

Mickey John returns from his holiday and his suitcase causes problems on the busy train.

Double Booked

44. Me Too!: Series 2, Double Booked

Tina has a new booking system for her taxi, but she forgets to put one of the bookings in.

Sorting Change

45. Me Too!: Series 2, Sorting Change

Rudi needs to visit the bank with all his change.

Weights and Measures

46. Me Too!: Series 2, Weights and Measures

Mickey teaches the children about weighing and measuring with a homemade set of scales.

Sharing Your Troubles

48. Me Too!: Series 2, Sharing Your Troubles

Dr Juno has a patient who doesn't want to be examined.


49. Me Too!: Series 2, Panic

Raymond keeps panicking over the slightest task, and then a cat runs loose on the train.


51. Me Too!: Series 2, Panto

Raymond can't get to Drumtown to perform his panto because of train problems.

Castles and Knights

53. Me Too!: Series 2, Castles and Knights

Mickey John's guest speaker fails to turn up.


54. Me Too!: Series 2, Pairs

It's a cold day and lots of people are losing their hats, scarves and gloves.

Don't Touch

56. Me Too!: Series 2, Don't Touch

Mickey John has asked Dr Juno to give a talk to his class about dangers in the home.

Helping Hand

57. Me Too!: Series 2, Helping Hand

Raymond is working on a train called the Picnic Express, and Tina tries to help out.

Waiting Room

58. Me Too!: Series 2, Waiting Room

It's a wet day in Riverseafingal and there is a queue for Tina's taxi.

Exotic Fruit

59. Me Too!: Series 2, Exotic Fruit

Rudi has some new exotic fruit to sell on his stall but no-one seems interested.

Night and Day

60. Me Too!: Series 2, Night and Day

Mickey John has problems explaining to the children what light and dark mean.

Be Seen

61. Me Too!: Series 2, Be Seen

Dr Juno asks Bobby to distribute some leaflets on the buses about night safety.

Birthday Socks

62. Me Too!: Series 2, Birthday Socks

Mickey John wants to show the children how things have changed since he was a boy.

Packed Lunches

63. Me Too!: Series 2, Packed Lunches

Raymond is selling new lunch boxes on the train.

Taxi Lanes

64. Me Too!: Series 2, Taxi Lanes

Tina is stuck in a traffic jam, but then she recalls Granny Murray's advice.


65. Me Too!: Series 2, Chatterbox

Rudi needs to buy Jack a new jacket, but he needs to make enough money first.

The Chef

67. Me Too!: Series 2, The Chef

Raymond is off to the continent for a cookery lesson with a chef.


68. Me Too!: Series 2, Thunder

A thunderstorm comes to Riverseafingal, and Bobby is scared of thunder.


69. Me Too!: Series 2, Gadgets

Mickey John loves gadgets and he is giving his class a talk about Roman gadgets.

Chilly Day

70. Me Too!: Series 2, Chilly Day

It's a cold day in Riverseafingal and Dr Juno wants to make sure everyone wraps up warm.

A Joke Too Far

71. Me Too!: Series 2, A Joke Too Far

It's tell-a-joke day in Riverseafingal, and one of Rudi's jokes upsets Dr Juno.


72. Me Too!: Series 2, Ditched

When Tina's taxi rolls into a ditch, she needs a team of people to help her pull it out.


73. Me Too!: Series 2, Bumped

When one of Dr Juno's patients isn't recovering well, she asks Raymond for help.


75. Me Too!: Series 2, Snoring

Bobby hears strange noises in the bus depot which frighten her, but she investigates.