Series 5

Series 5

Pirate-themed physical gameshow where a team of daring young swashbucklers take on the naughty Cook, Line and Captain Sinker to win jewels for their treasure chest!

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Sinker's Message

1. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Sinker's Message

Sinker has a new ship and invites Cook and Line to leave the Scarlet Squid and join her.


2. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Sharks!

Cook and Line are scared of the Captain's new pet sharks.

Seaweed Super Soup

3. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Seaweed Super Soup

Cook comes up with a delicious new dish - seaweed super soup.

Mini Cook and Line

4. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Mini Cook and Line

Cook and Line are fed up with doing all the work so they start their own mini pirate crew.

Whistleless Whistle

5. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Whistleless Whistle

Captain Captain's precious whistle gets blocked up and stops working.

Bad Loser

6. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Bad Loser

Captain Captain is fed up of losing, so Cook and Line try to teach her to be a good loser.

Little Sea Monster

7. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Little Sea Monster

Cook and Line help Little Sea Monster collect gold to help 'Save the Sea Monsters'.

Fool's Jewel

8. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Fool's Jewel

Things get messy when Cook and Line lose the blue jewel.

Knotty Pirates

9. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Knotty Pirates

Cook and Line try to learn some pirate knot-tying but soon end up in a complete tangle.

The Brig

10. Swashbuckle: Series 5, The Brig

Cook is locked up in the brig for ignoring his chores.

Itchy Uniforms

11. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Itchy Uniforms

Captain Captain knits some very itchy new uniforms for the crew.

Silly as Slop

12. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Silly as Slop

Captain Captain thinks Line is as 'silly as a bucket of slop'.

Christmas Rules!

13. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Christmas Rules!

Cook and Line want Christmas to be fun, but Captain Captain has so many Christmas rules.

Silly Sounding Sea Creatures

14. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Silly Sounding Sea Creatures

Cook and Line impersonate strange sea creatures they have read about in a book.

Pirate Pox

15. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Pirate Pox

There is bout of pirate pox going around, and Captain Captain doesn't want to catch it.

Three Captain Captains

16. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Three Captain Captains

Cook and Line decide to dress-up and behave exactly like Captain Captain.


17. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Coco-nutty

Cook and Line develop an irrational fear of coconuts.

Sluggy the Sea Slug

18. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Sluggy the Sea Slug

Captain Captain's pet sea slug seems cute, but the feisty creature would rather be free.

Pirate's Den

19. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Pirate's Den

Captain Captain wants new sleeping quarters, but Cook and Line build her a den instead.

Pirate Puzzle Map

20. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Pirate Puzzle Map

Captain Captain needs Cook and Line to help her piece together an old treasure map.

Pirate Overboard

21. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Pirate Overboard

Captain Captain makes Cook and Line practice what to do if a pirate falls overboard.

The Unlucky Whistle

22. Swashbuckle: Series 5, The Unlucky Whistle

Captain Captain keeps blowing her whistle, but it is bringing her bad luck?

Nautical Novels

23. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Nautical Novels

Captain Captain orders Cook and Line to read all her books and find the best story ever.

Captain's Vote

24. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Captain's Vote

Cook and Line discover an interesting rule that allows them to vote for a new captain.

Shipshape Shipwreck

25. Swashbuckle: Series 5, Shipshape Shipwreck

Captain Captain has Cook and Line fix up the Scarlet Squid so it can set sail once more.

No Longer Naughty Pirates

26. Swashbuckle: Series 5, No Longer Naughty Pirates

Cook and Line decide to give up being naughty, but Captain Captain isn't buying it.