Scream Street

Scream Street

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Scream Clean

1. Scream Street: Scream Clean

Eefa's magic cleaning powder brings Luke's vacuum cleaner to life.

The Haunted House

2. Scream Street: The Haunted House

A new house appears in Scream Street, and Luke's curiosity gets his friends into trouble.


3. Scream Street: Lovestruck

Resus gets Luella to concoct a spell to stop his parents arguing.


4. Scream Street: Wolfgang

When he falls behind on his music work at school, Luke's parents get him a ghostly tutor.

Resus Rocks

5. Scream Street: Resus Rocks

Resus steps in as a replacement for the lead guitarist in his favourite band.

Zoo of the Weird

6. Scream Street: Zoo of the Weird

Zoo owner Carla Black comes to Scream Street to catch specimens.

Mirror Mirror

7. Scream Street: Mirror Mirror

Resus feels like he's the family embarrassment and wants his parents to be proud of him.


8. Scream Street: Banished!

When Luke goes wolf, the evil mayor sets Luke up to look like a danger to his family.

Heartbreak Heist

9. Scream Street: Heartbreak Heist

Otto forces Cleo to help him find the Farr family treasure.

The Creepy Creeper

10. Scream Street: The Creepy Creeper

Luke gives his mum a plant for her birthday, but it rapidly takes over the garden.

The Brown Lagoon

11. Scream Street: The Brown Lagoon

Luke and the Watsons go camping, but a terrifying monster emerges from a nearby lagoon.

Zombie Derby

12. Scream Street: Zombie Derby

Luke teams up with Resus's dad and Resus with Luke's mum for Scream Street's go-kart race.

Mother of All Scares

13. Scream Street: Mother of All Scares

Luke goes home to find that Otto has moved in after fleeing Sneer Hall.

Lost Looks

14. Scream Street: Lost Looks

Luke ignores instructions and loses something of great importance to Eefa.

A Nightmare on Scream Street

15. Scream Street: A Nightmare on Scream Street

Resus comes up with a solution to his nightmares but everything is not as it appears.

The Bottomless Pit

16. Scream Street: The Bottomless Pit

Luke fails to take responsibility for his actions, and causes a rubbish problem.

The Evil Ooze

17. Scream Street: The Evil Ooze

A virus hits town, leaving Resus and Luella as the only two not to be infected.

Light Fingers

18. Scream Street: Light Fingers

Otto is up to no good and is taking things that don't belong to him.

Homework from Hell

19. Scream Street: Homework from Hell

Luke's homework turns into an unmanageable monster.

The Curse of Eternal Youth

20. Scream Street: The Curse of Eternal Youth

When Cleo utters an ancient Egyptian curse, time is stopped in Scream Street.

Blood Is Thicker than Water

21. Scream Street: Blood Is Thicker than Water

Desperate to be a true vampire, Resus makes a wish at a wishing well.

Takeaway of Terror

22. Scream Street: Takeaway of Terror

When Luke gets a job at Otto Burger, he discovers a strange secret.

The Zombie Body Shop

23. Scream Street: The Zombie Body Shop

Otto's latest scheme ends up with him and the gang being mobbed by angry zombies.

King Niles

24. Scream Street: King Niles

Cleo turn's two ushabti dolls into her dad's servants.

Bad Blood

25. Scream Street: Bad Blood

Grandfather Negative is in town and has strong views on Resus not being a 'real vampire'.

Trick or Shriek

26. Scream Street: Trick or Shriek

Luke finds out that Scream Street doesn't celebrate Halloween.

Monsters of Rock

27. Scream Street: Monsters of Rock

Resus uses one of Eefa's potions to help him win a battle-of-the-bands competition.

The Beast Within

28. Scream Street: The Beast Within

Luke tries to separate his inner wolf from his human self.

Cry Wolf

29. Scream Street: Cry Wolf

Carla Black starts swapping Scream Street residents for robot versions of themselves.

The Uninvited

30. Scream Street: The Uninvited

Dixon fills the Watsons' house full of poltergeists who take over and carry Resus off.

The Grumpus

31. Scream Street: The Grumpus

Can Luke save the town from the Grumpus and restore a merry Christmas?

Body Swap

32. Scream Street: Body Swap

Resus gets his hands on the Hoop of Horus and switches bodies with Eefa's bat.

Gnome Sweet Gnome

33. Scream Street: Gnome Sweet Gnome

Luke and Resus find an old map of Scream Street and piece together a sinister 3D puzzle.

Tutan Kutie

34. Scream Street: Tutan Kutie

Cleo is feeling lonely, but that all changes when her ex-boyfriend Tutan Kutie turns up.

Bone Cruncher

35. Scream Street: Bone Cruncher

The gang all enter an air-surfing competition, but danger lurks around the corner.


36. Scream Street: Earworm!

Resus gets Luella to bring an earworm back to life, with potentially disastrous results.

Goblin Gas

37. Scream Street: Goblin Gas

The kids attempt to harness an explosive form of alternative energy - goblin gas.

Nightmare Neighbour

38. Scream Street: Nightmare Neighbour

Luke's plan to make his room uninhabitable backfires when a pack of vampire rats invades.

Uncle Memphis

39. Scream Street: Uncle Memphis

Cleo tries to smarten Niles up but replaces his bandages with those of his evil brother.

Friendly Neighbourhood Werewolf

40. Scream Street: Friendly Neighbourhood Werewolf

Eefa casts a spell to save Luke from being evicted from Scream Street.

Brian Brain

41. Scream Street: Brian Brain

When a number of items go missing, can Luke find out who's really behind the thefts?

You Read My Mind

42. Scream Street: You Read My Mind

Luke uses a mind-reading potion to get top marks in his test - but it has side-effects.

Game of Screams

43. Scream Street: Game of Screams

In an abandoned toy shop, Luke and his friends discover a spooky board game.

Summer Sucks!

44. Scream Street: Summer Sucks!

Resus tries to be a proper vampire, but he becomes the wrong kind of bloodsucker.

The Plague

45. Scream Street: The Plague

To avoid failing a test Cleo unleashes plagues over Scream Street.

The Dread Shoes

46. Scream Street: The Dread Shoes

It's the Scream Street dance competition and everyone pairs up in order to win.

Grampy Vampy

47. Scream Street: Grampy Vampy

Resus' grandfather, Grampy Vampy, gets locked in Dr Skully's confiscation cupboard.

Resus Goes Viral

48. Scream Street: Resus Goes Viral

Resus uses a virus to rid his friends of their monster abilities so he can win sports day.

A Letter from the Underlands

49. Scream Street: A Letter from the Underlands

When Resus gets a letter from his new pen pal, Luke and Cleo are suspicious.

Wheels of Death

50. Scream Street: Wheels of Death

Luke's skateboard lands in goo from the Underlands and develops an evil mind of its own!

The Grumpus

51. Scream Street: The Grumpus

A lucky leprechaun head brings Luke the all the luck he needs, but at a cost.