Zig and Zag

Zig and Zag

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Ice Cream Clone

1. Zig and Zag: Ice Cream Clone

Zig and Zag attempt to clone an ice cream in order to cool themselves down.

DI Why?

2. Zig and Zag: DI Why?

Zig and Zag become DIY experts and set about fixing everything in Burb Street.


3. Zig and Zag: Jobsworth

Zig and Zag discover the joys of buying stuff, but to buy stuff you need a job.


4. Zig and Zag: Zollercoaster

Zig and Zag accidentally create the world's scariest rollercoaster.

School Rules

5. Zig and Zag: School Rules

Zig and Zag go to school to learn how to solve a crossword clue.

Meet the Robo-Parents

6. Zig and Zag: Meet the Robo-Parents

Zig and Zag create robo-parents to get the family deal at the pizzeria.


7. Zig and Zag: Fanzillas

Zig and Zag become football superfans and learn that it is not just about taking part.

It Came from Zog

8. Zig and Zag: It Came from Zog

Zig and Zag turn their hands to the movie business to get free popcorn.

Strictly Zig & Zag

9. Zig and Zag: Strictly Zig & Zag

Zig and Zag's take a trip to the minimart to fix a hole in their wall.

Toddler Trouble

10. Zig and Zag: Toddler Trouble

Zig and Zag attempt to gain access to a toddlers' playground.

Happy Campers

11. Zig and Zag: Happy Campers

Zig and Zag end up causing havoc on their first camping trip.

All Washed Up

12. Zig and Zag: All Washed Up

Mayhem ensues when Zig and Zag's washing machine breaks down.

Bitter Then You

13. Zig and Zag: Bitter Then You

Zig and Zag demonstrate how breaking a world record can be a bittersweet experience.

It's Sherlucky Day

14. Zig and Zag: It's Sherlucky Day

Zig and Zag attempt to solve the case of the missing invisible cat of Burb Street.


15. Zig and Zag: Staycation

Zig and Zag decide to go on holiday to their favourite neighbour's house.

Billy Goat's Grief

16. Zig and Zag: Billy Goat's Grief

Zig and Zag employ a herd of goats to eat their untidy garden neat.

Zogly on Sea

17. Zig and Zag: Zogly on Sea

Zig and Zag turn Zogly Manor into a mobile home and head to the coast.


18. Zig and Zag: Zagracadabra

Zig and Zag believe that they are street magicians and attempt a dangerous trick.

Let It Grow

19. Zig and Zag: Let It Grow

Zig and Zag discover the joys of growing their own vegetables.

Zog's Got Talent

20. Zig and Zag: Zog's Got Talent

A TV talent show comes to town and Zig and Zag are keen to get involved.

Best Behaviour

21. Zig and Zag: Best Behaviour

Zig and Zag accidentally enrol themselves on an obedience class for dogs.

Novel Idea

22. Zig and Zag: Novel Idea

Zag decides he needs to sit down, but the only seat available is reserved for authors.

Eau de Alien

23. Zig and Zag: Eau de Alien

Zig and Zag invent their own perfume to become famous.

You Want Frights with That

24. Zig and Zag: You Want Frights with That

Zig and Zag stage their own haunting in a bid to get onto their favourite TV show.

Chez Zog

25. Zig and Zag: Chez Zog

Zig and Zag attempt to raise enough cash to eat at the fanciest restaurant in Burbia.

Superzag and Wonderzig

26. Zig and Zag: Superzag and Wonderzig

After watching a superhero movie, Zig and Zag decide to become superheroes themselves.