Endangered Species

Endangered Species

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Collecting Merl

1. Endangered Species: Collecting Merl

Gull builds a high-security museum to display Merl's belongings.

Family Fun Day

2. Endangered Species: Family Fun Day

Gull thinks an egg is his long-lost brother.

Raiders of the Lost Throne Room

3. Endangered Species: Raiders of the Lost Throne Room

When Pickle and Merl map routes to the bathroom for Gull, their maps reveal a secret door.

Stump of Horrors

4. Endangered Species: Stump of Horrors

Merl tries to prove that the stump is ghost-free but only scares himself in the process.

Family Puzzle Night

5. Endangered Species: Family Puzzle Night

While breaking things into puzzles for Merl, Pickle accidentally breaks the universe.

Tub of Troubles

6. Endangered Species: Tub of Troubles

Something crazy happened in the bathtub but Pickle, Merl and Gull can't agree on what.

The Fast and the Furriest

7. Endangered Species: The Fast and the Furriest

When Pickle builds a race track in the stump, Merl and Pickle clash over the road rules.

Wish You Were Here

8. Endangered Species: Wish You Were Here

Pickle, Merl and Gull bring three very different holiday ideas into the stump.

My Best Friend Shlitzy

9. Endangered Species: My Best Friend Shlitzy

A half-eaten, half-rotten talking corn cob possesses Gull and tries to destroy the stump.


10. Endangered Species: DAWG!

Pickle and Merl are terrified by a visiting dog, but Gull only wants to play with it.

Pillow Fight of the Century

11. Endangered Species: Pillow Fight of the Century

Pickle trains Merl to take on Gull in an epic pillow-fighting rematch.

Gull Proof

12. Endangered Species: Gull Proof

Merl tries to make the stump safe for clumsy Gull, but his efforts make it more hazardous.

10 Minutes to Cookies

13. Endangered Species: 10 Minutes to Cookies

Gull finds out how to time travel and almost destroys the nut that grew the stump.

Merry Garbage Day!

14. Endangered Species: Merry Garbage Day!

Pickle and Gull hoard rubbish to celebrate a new holiday and Merl freaks out.

Gone Buddy Gone

15. Endangered Species: Gone Buddy Gone

Pickle and Gull launch an investigation into the disappearance of Merl's nutty buddy.

Just Us League of Heroes

16. Endangered Species: Just Us League of Heroes

Pickle, Gull and Merl take on superhero personas, with Merl as El Sanitario.

Bouncing Bunny, Hidden Squirrel

17. Endangered Species: Bouncing Bunny, Hidden Squirrel

Merl plays the villain in a kung fu adventure. But when he goes bad, he goes really bad.

Innards Space

18. Endangered Species: Innards Space

When Gull swallows the TV remote, Merl and Pickle pilot a shrunken sub into his insides.

What a Long, Strange Camping Trip It's Been

19. Endangered Species: What a Long, Strange Camping Trip It's Been

Merl refuses to go camping, so Pickle puts wheels on the stump and drives into the woods.

Cage Match

20. Endangered Species: Cage Match

Gull's new pets ignite a battle between Merl's need for safety and Pickle's fear of cages.

Flashloose Fever

21. Endangered Species: Flashloose Fever

When Merl bans dancing in the stump, Pickle and Gull protest, dance musical-style.


22. Endangered Species: Frankenstump

When Merl spills fertiliser on the stump, it starts growing again.

Disaster Drill Disaster

23. Endangered Species: Disaster Drill Disaster

Merl drills for every possible disaster, while Pickle preps for every impossible disaster.

Gull Goes to the Moon

24. Endangered Species: Gull Goes to the Moon

Pickle and Merl build a rocket so Gull can fly to the moon and earn a parade.

Squirrel Plague!!!

25. Endangered Species: Squirrel Plague!!!

When Merl gets sick, Pickle and Gull's efforts to cure him send him closer to death's door


26. Endangered Species: Cliffhanger!!!

Pickle loves cliffhangers so much, she tries to set them up in her everyday life.

Borderline Nuts

27. Endangered Species: Borderline Nuts

Pickle, Merl and Gull divide up the stump into different territories that they each guard.

Gull in Tights

28. Endangered Species: Gull in Tights

Gull believes he's Robin Hood, so Merl and Pickle attempt to play along.

Flying Squirrel

29. Endangered Species: Flying Squirrel

Pickle and Gull discover that Merl hails from a family of daredevil flying squirrels.


30. Endangered Species: E.A.T.Y

Gull finds a baby alligator in the toilet, but he mistakes it for a baby alien.

Mosquitoes, Mo' Problems

31. Endangered Species: Mosquitoes, Mo' Problems

A pesky mosquito drives Pickle, Merl and Gull up the stump walls.

Merl's Birthday Curse

32. Endangered Species: Merl's Birthday Curse

Pickle and Gull try to make Merl's birthday party the best one he has ever had.


33. Endangered Species: Speechless

Merl finds a switch that turns off Pickle's voice.

Rear WindOW

34. Endangered Species: Rear WindOW

An injured Merl is stuck inside and unable to warn his friends about a mole invasion.

Muck Raking

35. Endangered Species: Muck Raking

Pickle and Merl face off in the battle to end all autumn leaf battles.

The Size Matters, Yes?

36. Endangered Species: The Size Matters, Yes?

Merl becomes convinced that he is a 50-foot-tall giant.

Quality Time

37. Endangered Species: Quality Time

Pickle makes Merl spend some quality time with Gull after Merl hurts Gull's feelings.

Pickle Says... Relax!

38. Endangered Species: Pickle Says... Relax!

Pickle and Gull get Merl an automated cleaning device so that he can relax.

The Basement

39. Endangered Species: The Basement

When Gull goes into the basement and doesn't return, Merl and Pickle attempt a rescue.

Gull to Sleep

40. Endangered Species: Gull to Sleep

Pickle and Merl try to tell Gull a bedtime story to put him to sleep.

Walk Around in Each Other's Paws

41. Endangered Species: Walk Around in Each Other's Paws

To avoid constant arguing, Merl and Pickle vow to try to understand each other better.

Hotel Merl

42. Endangered Species: Hotel Merl

Merl turns the stump into a hotel but his only guest is Bigfoot.


43. Endangered Species: Hindenstump

Pickle and Gull convert the stump into an airship to search for treasure.

Pickle Productions

44. Endangered Species: Pickle Productions

Pickle discovers Merl's old movie script and decides to produce it with Gull's help.

Dilly Comes to Town

45. Endangered Species: Dilly Comes to Town

Pickle desperately tries to impress her cousin Dilly when she comes to visit.

Beard Goggles

46. Endangered Species: Beard Goggles

Gull grows a luxurious beard, filling Merl with intense beard envy.

Gull Patterned Baldness

47. Endangered Species: Gull Patterned Baldness

A mishap leaves Gull's head without feathers, which makes Gull think he's a bald eagle.

Fame and Fortune, Yuh-huh!

48. Endangered Species: Fame and Fortune, Yuh-huh!

Merl learns that Gull was once a famous anti-pollution icon.

Nutty Buddy Goes Nuts

49. Endangered Species: Nutty Buddy Goes Nuts

Gull's brain flies out of his head and into Nutty Buddy, Merl's favourite soft toy.

The Fable

50. Endangered Species: The Fable

Pickle tries to disprove the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare.

Locked Out

51. Endangered Species: Locked Out

Gull accidentally forgets the passcode to his new hi-tech security system.