Series 19

Series 19

Medical drama series.

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Into the Abyss

1. Holby City: Series 19, Into the Abyss

Hungover Jasmine desperately tries to step up her game in order to win Ric over.

Rocket Man

2. Holby City: Series 19, Rocket Man

Zosia's behaviour spirals out of control leading Jac to become concerned for her.

Black Dog

3. Holby City: Series 19, Black Dog

Jasmine's future hangs in the balance when she is caught lying by Hanssen.

Somebody to Love

4. Holby City: Series 19, Somebody to Love

Morven's future is uncertain when she becomes involved with a patient.

The Kill List

7. Holby City: Series 19, The Kill List

Isaac receives a research grant, and an assistant position is up for grabs.


8. Holby City: Series 19, Parasite

Matteo's arrival irritates. Dominic gets emotionally embroiled in a challenging case.

Glass Houses

9. Holby City: Series 19, Glass Houses

Jac puts her patient before her own health concerns, with serious consequences.


10. Holby City: Series 19, Hallelujah

Essie's feelings towards Parker lead her to make a questionable decision in her work.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

11. Holby City: Series 19, The Nightmare Before Christmas

A terrifying blast from the past upsets Dom's plans for a perfect Christmas with Isaac.

Just Get on With It

12. Holby City: Series 19, Just Get on With It

Mo strives to suppress her feelings for Mr T but, with his wedding looming, can she lie?

I Do, I Do, I Do

13. Holby City: Series 19, I Do, I Do, I Do

When Mo uncovers a dark secret, Mr T and Inga's Swedish-style wedding goes Scandi noir.

Aces High

14. Holby City: Series 19, Aces High

Oliver must compete for funding and Jac's support when Matteo pitches a rival project.

Stick or Twist

15. Holby City: Series 19, Stick or Twist

Fletch fights to save his friend Artem's life when the old gambler returns to the AAU.


16. Holby City: Series 19, Daylight

Mo returns from maternity leave and drops a bombshell.

Of Lions and Lambs

17. Holby City: Series 19, Of Lions and Lambs

A grief-stricken Serena returns to work looking for answers.

Losing Game

18. Holby City: Series 19, Losing Game

A familiar face makes a return under shocking circumstances.

Four Letter Word

19. Holby City: Series 19, Four Letter Word

Will Jac finally acknowledge her feelings for Matteo or will she revert to type?