Series 1

Series 1

Animated series. Danger Mouse and his sidekick Penfold are back to protect London and the world.

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Episodes List

Danger Mouse Begins... Again!

1. Danger Mouse: Danger Mouse Begins... Again!

Danger Mouse is dismissed for destroying half of London.

Danger at C Level

2. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Danger at C Level

Danger Mouse is forced to choose between dedication to duty and friendship.


3. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Greenfinger

Danger Mouse's attempts at gardening lead to a gigantic space plant taking over the world.

Planet of the Toilets

4. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Planet of the Toilets

DM and Penfold take to the sewers of Tokyo to battle the evil Dr Loocifer.

Pink Dawn

5. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Pink Dawn

Supervillain the Princess is determined to pinkify the world.

Big Head Awakens

6. Danger Mouse: Big Head Awakens

Squawkencluck's defence supercomputer goes insane.

The World Wide Spider

7. Danger Mouse: Series 1, The World Wide Spider

Danger Mouse has to face his only fear when Penfold accidentally wakes a gigantic spider.

The Other Day the Earth Stood Still

8. Danger Mouse: Series 1, The Other Day the Earth Stood Still

The Baron stops the world spinning with a plague of traffic lights.

Welcome to Danger World!

9. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Welcome to Danger World!

Danger Mouse must fight his own urge to be awesome.

Jeopardy Mouse

10. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Jeopardy Mouse

Danger Mouse reluctantly joins forces with his American counterpart Jeopardy Mouse.

The Return of Danger K

11. Danger Mouse: The Return of Danger K

When an old enemy returns, Colonel K must come out of retirement to save the world.

Big Penfold

12. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Big Penfold

The world is in jeopardy and the only thing that can save it is a 1,000ft Penfold.

The Unusual Suspects

13. Danger Mouse: Series 1, The Unusual Suspects

When secret information is leaked from HQ, all eyes fall on Colonel K.

Danger Fan

14. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Danger Fan

Danger Mouse's biggest fan comes to visit HQ and members of the team start to disappear.

Quark Games

15. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Quark Games

The heroes find themselves fighting for their lives on an alien world.

The Snowman Cometh

16. Danger Mouse: The Snowman Cometh

It's Christmas, and DM and Penfold are tasked with protecting Santa.

The Inventor Preventer

17. Danger Mouse: Series 1, The Inventor Preventer

Danger Mouse and Penfold must stop a deranged Victorian time-travelling chimp.

Never Say Clever Again

18. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Never Say Clever Again

The other danger agents become supersmart due to a batch of genetically enhanced celery.

Sinister Mouse

19. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Sinister Mouse

An evil version of Danger Mouse escapes from a parallel dimension.

There's No Place Like Greenback

20. Danger Mouse: Series 1, There's No Place Like Greenback

Danger Mouse and Penfold become reluctant parents when the Baron wipes his own memory.

From Duck to Dawn

21. Danger Mouse: Series 1, From Duck to Dawn

Count Duckula is back, and he is determined to take over the world.

Happy Boom Day!

22. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Happy Boom Day!

The Baron releases killer birthday presents into the world.

Frankensquawk's Monster

23. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Frankensquawk's Monster

When Professor Squawkencluck's mum comes to visit, a rubbish monster is not far behind.

Escape from Big Head

24. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Escape from Big Head

The Big Head base computer locks up everyone in a maximum security prison.

Megahurtz Attacks

25. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Megahurtz Attacks

Danger Mouse's attempts to boost Penfold's confidence backfire.

The Hamster Effect

26. Danger Mouse: Series 1, The Hamster Effect

Brunel, the time-travelling Victorian gentlechimp, is back.

The Good the Baaa & the Ugly

27. Danger Mouse: Series 1, The Good the Baaa & the Ugly

Danger Mouse and Penfold are sent on a rescue mission to a mysterious island.

Attack of the Clowns

28. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Attack of the Clowns

Danger Mouse's laughter annoys a race of clown aliens so much that they invade Earth!


29. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Cheesemageddon

Danger Mouse and the Baron are forced to team up to defeat a cheese-obsessed villain.

Queen of the Weevils

30. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Queen of the Weevils

Danger Mouse accidentally unleashes an evil magical queen into the world.

Hail Hydrant

31. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Hail Hydrant

When Jeopardy Mouse wins Agent of the Month, Danger Mouse is sent to New York.

Wicked Leaks

32. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Wicked Leaks

Penfold's addiction to social media helps the Baron.

Tomorrow Never Comes

33. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Tomorrow Never Comes

The Princess is back and erases all weekdays so she can play at the weekend forever.

Half the World Is Not Enough

34. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Half the World Is Not Enough

Danger Mouse causes Professor Squawkencluck to lose her job.

Send in the Clones

35. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Send in the Clones

Quark's latest scheme is to create cheap copies of Danger Mouse and Penfold.

Masters of the Twystyverse

36. Danger Mouse: Masters of the Twystyverse

Danger Mouse and Penfold must travel to the Twystyverse to stop the evil Baron.

Danger Is Forever

37. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Danger Is Forever

The Baron speeds up the rotation of Earth using windmills.

Very Important Penfold

38. Danger Mouse: Very Important Penfold

When Penfold saves a celebrity from certain doom he becomes a media sensation.

The Cute Shall Inherit the Earth

39. Danger Mouse: The Cute Shall Inherit the Earth

Cute kittens are infiltrating positions of authority all around the world.

All 5it

40. Danger Mouse: All 5it

Danger Mouse goes undercover as the fifth member of Quark's mega-popular boy band.

Dream Worrier

41. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Dream Worrier

Danger Mouse must battle Quark again, but this time in Penfold's dreams!

The Confidence Trick

42. Danger Mouse: Series 1, The Confidence Trick

The Baron steals DM's confidence and gives it to his shy daughter.

The Spy Who Came in with a Cold

43. Danger Mouse: Series 1, The Spy Who Came in with a Cold

The Baron releases a new strain of elephant flu. Can DM and Penfold find the cure?

Sir Danger de Mouse

44. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Sir Danger de Mouse

The Queen of Weevils returns and magically convinces DM he's a medieval knight.

The Duckula Show

45. Danger Mouse: Series 1, The Duckula Show

Duckula kidnaps the writers and Danger Mouse faces being written out of his own show!

Agent 58

46. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Agent 58

A new shape-shifting agent tests DM and Penfold's partnership to the limit.

Thanks a Minion!

47. Danger Mouse: Series 1, Thanks a Minion!

Greenback plots to destroy the world with termites, and DM gets overly enthusiastic.

High School Inedible

48. Danger Mouse: Series 1, High School Inedible

DM and Penfold go back to school to thwart the plans of an evil food scientist.


49. Danger Mouse: Mousefall

Part one of two. All the villains from Arkwright are released.

Mouse Rise

50. Danger Mouse: Mouse Rise

A super-villain releases all the villains from Arkwright and plots the end of DM.