Animated series following Eric, Trevor, Vana and Kitty as they train at the Academy for Aspiring Sidekicks

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Maxum Man Mark 2

1. Sidekick: Maxum Man Mark 2

Eric and Trevor accidentally create a half-human, half-hamster monster.

To Party Perchance to Party

2. Sidekick: To Party Perchance to Party

Eric and Trevor try to crash Vana's party while fighting Drilliam Shakespeare.

Gone Gaga

3. Sidekick: Gone Gaga

Eric's new super-goggles make everybody fall in love with him.

Like Supervillain, Like Son

4. Sidekick: Like Supervillain, Like Son

Community service day goes wrong when the boys get mixed up with Master XOX.

A Monster Headache

5. Sidekick: A Monster Headache

Trevor's science fair project turns Professor Pampelmoose into a plant monster.

Days of Golly

6. Sidekick: Days of Golly

The kids try to help the Golly Gee Kid relive his glory days.

Ain't No Party Like a Maxum Brain Party

7. Sidekick: Ain't No Party Like a Maxum Brain Party

Maxum Brain throws a wild party and Eric is not invited.

Hello Dolly

8. Sidekick: Hello Dolly

Eric discovers he is the most famous sidekick in the world.

The Amazing Superchores

9. Sidekick: The Amazing Super-Chores

When Eric fails at his super-chores, the whole world pays the price.

Maxum Mom

10. Sidekick: Maxum Mom

It is Super-Mother's Day and Eric finally gets to meet Maxum Mom.


11. Sidekick: Moustachesquatch

A curse turns Eric into a moustache-monster that nearly ruins his summer camp fun!

Endless Summer

12. Sidekick: Endless Summer

When Eric hits the road with Trevor and his dad, supervillain Master XOX tags along!

Identity Crisis

13. Sidekick: Identity Crisis

Eric struggles to find out what kind of superhero he should be.

Back in Nappies

14. Sidekick: Back in Nappies

Eric and Trevor fail a test and are sent back to superpreschool.

The Bogeyman

15. Sidekick: The Bogeyman

The kids must cooperate to defeat an evil golfer.

Crud Burger

16. Sidekick: Crud Burger

Eric and Trevor venture to the evil side of town for a forbidden hamburger.

The Henchman Challenge

17. Sidekick: The Henchman Challenge

Eric competes against the evil Henchmen to try to win the Henchman Challenge.

Family Fun Day

18. Sidekick: Family Fun Day

Eric and Trevor compete at the annual Family Fun Day picnic.

Slime Spree

19. Sidekick: Slime Spree

The alien spore Eric is looking after might destroy the world.

The Short List

20. Sidekick: The Short List

Was Eric the first choice to be Maxum Man's sidekick, or has it all been a big mistake?

This Hour Has 22,000,000 Minutes

21. Sidekick: This Hour Has 22,000,000 Minutes

Eric is caught in a time loop and is doomed to repeat the day unless he escapes it.


22. Sidekick: Halloweenie

Everyone in town turns into a superhero.

Eric Squared

23. Sidekick: Eric Squared

Eric and Trevor must fight their evil twins when they travel to another dimension.


24. Sidekick: Squawk

The latest texting craze gets Eric into big trouble.

Internal Affairs

25. Sidekick: Internal Affairs

A germ-sized XOX invades Eric's body and takes control.

Virtual Mayhem

26. Sidekick: Virtual Mayhem

Virtual reality becomes real as the kids battle XOX in a video game showdown.

The Maxum Switcheroo

27. Sidekick: The Maxum Switcheroo

Eric must find out the truth as Maxum Man returns and is anything but super.

Sleepless in Splittsboro

28. Sidekick: Sleepless in Splittsboro

A new supervillain haunts the dreams of the sidekicks.

Comic Book Zombies

29. Sidekick: Comic Book Zombies

Eric and Trevor are collected by a new villain.

Everybody is Side Fu Fighting

30. Sidekick: Everybody is Side Fu Fighting

Eric must master the ancient sidekick art of side fu.

Ice to Know You

31. Sidekick: Ice to Know You

Eric turns summer into winter and threatens to start a new ice age.

Beneath the Missile-toe

32. Sidekick: Beneath the Missile-toe

Eric almost ruins Christmas in this festive special.

Ye Olde Sidekick Village

33. Sidekick: Ye Olde Sidekick Village

Eric tries to stop a technology-hating supervillain.

News at 11am

34. Sidekick: News at 11am

Eric is jealous of the popular new kid at school.

Suit of Harms

35. Sidekick: Suit of Harms

Master XOX traps the kids and takes over the sidekick academy.

Escape from Razzuma-Traz

36. Sidekick: Escape from Razzuma-Traz

A new teacher threatens to blast the kids into deep space if they don't pass their exam.

Gloves on the Run

37. Sidekick: Gloves on the Run

A pair of magical super-gloves control Eric.

Drop the Needles

38. Sidekick: Drop the Needles

Eric challenges Kid Ruthless to a DJ battle.

The Perfect Match

39. Sidekick: The Perfect Match

Eric looks for love and finds an old enemy.

Stupor-ize Me

40. Sidekick: Stupor-ize Me

A new fast-food treat may destroy the sidekicks.

Teenage Mummies in Love

41. Sidekick: Teenage Mummies in Love

Teen heartthrob Joshua Sideburns is shooting a movie in Splittsboro.

Henchman for a Day

42. Sidekick: Henchman for a Day

Eric goes to the evil side of town for the student exchange programme.

The Show Must Go On

43. Sidekick: The Show Must Go On

Eric is determined to kiss Vana as part of the school play.

Pamplemoose & Son

44. Sidekick: Pamplemoose & Son

Professor Pampelmoose discovers that Eric is his long-lost son.

Little Orphan Eric

45. Sidekick: Little Orphan Eric

Eric returns to the orphanage.

Lights, Camera, Sidekick Action

46. Sidekick: Lights, Camera, Sidekick Action

Eric competes with Alan Amazing to star in a new video.

Shopping Spree

47. Sidekick: Shopping Spree

Maxum Mom takes Eric underwear shopping and gets thrown into prison.

The Spark Is Gone

48. Sidekick: The Spark Is Gone

Eric and Trevor get stuck with Static Clint on Shadow a Super Day.

Four's a Crowd

49. Sidekick: Four's a Crowd

Splittsboro is destroyed and only our sidekicks remain.

Super Frenemies

50. Sidekick: Super Frenemies

Eric dumps Trevor as his best friend.

Maxum Brain, Interrupted

51. Sidekick: Maxum Brain, Interrupted

Maxum Brain quits the mansion and tries to make it on his own.

Wrinkle Resistant

52. Sidekick: Wrinkle Resistant

Eric tags along as Trevor and his dad take their supervillain grandpa on a road trip.

The Superest Day of the Year

53. Sidekick: The Superest Day of the Year

Eric experiences his first parade on Hurray for Splittsboro Day.

Love Fights

54. Sidekick: Love Fights

It's Valentine's Day in Splittsboro.

Anty Maim

55. Sidekick: Anty Maim

The boys get an ant farm and, within moments, giant ants rule the world.

The Heartbreak Golly Gee Kid

56. Sidekick: The Heartbreak Golly Gee Kid

The mysterious new lunch lady has a crush on the Golly Gee Kid.

App-y Days

57. Sidekick: App-y Days

Maxum Brain makes a smartphone app which becomes a worldwide sensation.

Exchange Student from the Black Lagoon

58. Sidekick: Exchange Student from the Black Lagoon

Eric befriends an exchange student, Finn, from the underwater side of town.

Fortress of Maxumtud

59. Sidekick: Fortress of Maxumtud

Eric discovers that Maxum Man has a secret fortress and goes on a search to find it.

Insane in the Cranial

60. Sidekick: Insane in the Cranial

The sidekicks vie for a single spot available in Splittsboro's exclusive club.

What's He Hiding?

61. Sidekick: What's He Hiding?

Vana thinks Eric is hiding something. She searches the Maxum mansion with Kitty in tow.

House of Helmut

62. Sidekick: House of Helmut

The four friends get roped into spending the night in Pamplemoose's haunted mansion.


63. Sidekick: Supermodels

Eric has never had a good school picture taken, so he is determined to get one this year.

Eric Amazing

64. Sidekick: Eric Amazing

Eric is jealous of Allan Amazing's life, so he switches their bodies.

Trevor the Hero

65. Sidekick: Trevor the Hero

Trevor accidentally saves Pamplemoose's life.

Eric & Trevor's Mediocre Adventure

66. Sidekick: Eric & Trevor's Mediocre Adventure

After failing a test again Eric and Trevor go back in time so they can pass it.

The Grim Gerbil

67. Sidekick: The Grim Gerbil

After eating radioactive dog food, Trevor develops the ability to talk to animals.

Gimme a Sign

68. Sidekick: Gimme a Sign

Eric forgets his permission slip to the field trip to Giant Cybor Funland.

Sidekicks Rule

69. Sidekick: Sidekicks Rule

It is Sidekick Day and the kids take advantage of their superheroes - until they quit.

I, Sidebot

70. Sidekick: I, Sidebot

Robots replace the sidekicks but Eric leads the charge to take back their town.

Adventures in Super Sitting

71. Sidekick: Adventures in Super Sitting

Vana and Kitty trick Eric and Trevor into babysitting a baby superhero.

Mandy-o & Eric-et

72. Sidekick: Mandy-o & Eric-et

Eric and Mandy's forbidden friendship sets the stage for a showdown between good and evil.

Sidekick Show

73. Sidekick: Sidekick Show

The gang are contestants on the world's most popular and dangerous game show.

The Maxum Method

74. Sidekick: The Maxum Method

Joshua Sideburns is in a Maxum Man movie and wants Eric to teach him how to be a hero.

Of Mouse and Mel

75. Sidekick: Of Mouse and Mel

Maxum Man's brother and his sidekick Mouseboy stop in for a visit.

Iron Side Chef

76. Sidekick: Iron Side Chef

Eric and his home economics teacher battle it out for the title of Super Chef.

Teacher's Pet

77. Sidekick: Teacher's Pet

Eric has to evade Pamplemoose if he wants to join the gang at their cool new school.

Opossum Man!

78. Sidekick: Opossum Man!

Eric's old pal Glenn returns as Boy Vermin, a rodent-fuelled rival!

Black Top Dark Matter

79. Sidekick: Black Top Dark Matter

Eric must evade XOX while undertaking a dangerous mission.

Master XOX-Ray Vision

80. Sidekick: Master XOX-Ray Vision

Eric's new contact lenses turn out to be evil.

Oh Trevor Where Art Thou?

81. Sidekick: Oh Trevor Where Art Thou?

Trevor goes missing on a camping trip inside an erupting volcano,.

XOX to Be You

82. Sidekick: XOX to Be You

XOX creates a bioweapon to get rid of Eric - the dreaded Chicken XOX.

Eric and the Maxum Brain Factory

83. Sidekick: Eric and the Maxum Brain Factory

Maxum Brain returns to meet his evil maker.

Trip Van Twinkle Toes

84. Sidekick: Trip Van Twinkle Toes

A dancing supervillain enslaves the town with his evil dancing shoes.

Pains, Sprains and Maxum Mobiles

85. Sidekick: Pains, Sprains and Maxum Mobiles

Eric and Trevor go for a spin in the brand new Maxum Mobile.

Maxum Men

86. Sidekick: Maxum Men

Brain tells the story of his secret superhero past.

For Real Estate

87. Sidekick: For Real Estate

Eric inadvertently sells the mansion to supervillains.


88. Sidekick: Multikickery

Lazy Eric clones himself to avoid the many chores he needs to carry out.

A XOX For Good

89. Sidekick: A XOX For Good

XOX visits from another dimension where good and evil are reversed.

The Dingalingalish Patient

90. Sidekick: The Dingalingalish Patient

A villain preys on Eric's guilt in order to infiltrate the mansion.

Parent-Teacher Night of Doom

91. Sidekick: Parent-Teacher Night of Doom

A sidekick's nightmare comes true as parents meet teachers.

Eric of the Board

92. Sidekick: Eric of the Board

Eric becomes the boss of Maxum Corporation, but the power threatens to go to his head.

Pamp My Ride

93. Sidekick: Pamp My Ride

The boys customise Pamplemoose's chair without telling him.


94. Sidekick: Oppoxox

Master XOX turns into a good guy and Splittsboro goes haywire.


95. Sidekick: Vapohouse

The kids are contestants on a reality show but the inevitable chaos ensues.

The Running of the Trolls

96. Sidekick: The Running of the Trolls

The town of Splittsboro battles a scourge of trolls.

Super Best in Show

97. Sidekick: Super Best in Show

Eric and Maxum Mutt compete in a pet show.

Those Who Can't Teach

98. Sidekick: Those Who Can't Teach

Professor Pamplemoose is fired and returns to his former suburban life.

Graduation Daze

99. Sidekick: Graduation Daze

It is finally graduation day at the sidekick academy. What could go wrong?