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Something Whiskered This Way Comes

1. Doctors: Series 19, Something Whiskered This Way Comes

Mrs Tembe and JJ return from holiday only to discover the police on their doorstep.


2. Doctors: Series 19, Freak

Valerie enjoys her invalid status a little too much. Ayesha reports Karl missing.

The Terminator

3. Doctors: Series 19, The Terminator

When an unpopular doctor at St Phil's has a streak of bad luck Ruhma is drawn in.

Love and Duty

4. Doctors: Series 19, Love and Duty

Rob has an explosive start to the day whilst Jimmi and Mrs Tembe have a clash of opinions.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Swimmer

5. Doctors: Series 19, The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Swimmer

It's a day full of surprises when Mrs Tembe discovers a man wearing only a towel.


6. Doctors: Series 19, Shutdown

Rob has a lead in the cashpoint case, but can he convince some witnesses to cooperate?

Come Hither

7. Doctors: Series 19, Come Hither

Valerie stumbles across three strangers who need to make peace with their pasts.


8. Doctors: Series 19, Safe

Sid is after a new challenge, but Mrs Tembe's plan fails to impress.

Box of Delights

9. Doctors: Series 19, Box of Delights

Sid is still reluctantly going along with Mrs Tembe's new initiative.


10. Doctors: Series 19, Netherworld

Heston is determined to prove his doubts about JJ are justified.

Head First

11. Doctors: Series 19, Head First

Mrs Tembe tries her hospital food recipes out on a chef. Ruhma and Karen get competitive.

The 17th Floor

12. Doctors: Series 19, The 17th Floor

Valerie shocks Ayesha with her latest plan. Rob has some unwelcome words for Emma.

It's Strange

13. Doctors: Series 19, It's Strange

Valerie worries that her cancer may have thwarted her dreams of being a mum.

Mummy's Boy

14. Doctors: Series 19, Mummy's Boy

Mrs Tembe demands the truth from JJ. Jimmi asks Al for details about his emotional state.

Lizzie's Last Stand

15. Doctors: Series 19, Lizzie's Last Stand

Valerie decides she wants a baby and looks to the Mill's men for a donor.


16. Doctors: Series 19, Boundaries

It is Sid's first shift as a rapid responder. Megan mentors Jimmi on becoming a therapist.


17. Doctors: Series 19, Mimic

Karen's treatment of JJ undermines his confidence and incurs harsh words from Mrs Tembe.

Red Moms' Club

18. Doctors: Series 19, Red Moms' Club

Al's headaches are getting worse, and he is worried about his upcoming brain scan.


19. Doctors: Series 19, iCARE

Heston is put in a difficult position when a patient's son asks him a nightmare question.

Won't Get Fooled Again

20. Doctors: Series 19, Won't Get Fooled Again

Daniel pushes Valerie on what she wants to ask him, while Sid deals with two trapped girls

The Second Best Man

21. Doctors: Series 19, The Second Best Man

Zara thinks Mrs Tembe is hiding something and goes on the offensive.

Whatever We've Got We Share

22. Doctors: Series 19, Whatever We've Got We Share

Mrs Tembe reluctantly hosts a dinner party, while Jimmi finds himself alone with Megan.


23. Doctors: Series 19, Intervention

Does Mrs Tembe have anything more to worry about? She visits a clinic to find out.


24. Doctors: Series 19, Collision

After an accident, the clock is ticking for Rob and Sid to help the people involved.

Oh Brother!

25. Doctors: Series 19, Oh Brother!

News of the accident filters back to the Mill, but Sid's reaction surprises them all.

Running with the Pack

26. Doctors: Series 19, Running with the Pack

Valerie gets support from her colleagues, but all is not as it seems.

Gambling's for Fools

27. Doctors: Series 19, Gambling's for Fools

Mrs Tembe and JJ's celebrations hit the right note.

Next Door

28. Doctors: Series 19, Next Door

JJ has a life-changing offer for Mrs Tembe - will she follow her head or her heart?

To Walk in Her Shoes

29. Doctors: Series 19, To Walk in Her Shoes

A hard decision is put in front of Rob and Karen.


30. Doctors: Series 19, Milk

Rob and Karen struggle to cope with baby Marnie. Have they taken on too much this time?

The Deal

31. Doctors: Series 19, The Deal

Rob continues to bottle up his emotions despite things heating up at the Hollins house.

Taxi for Carter

32. Doctors: Series 19, Taxi for Carter

Daniel offers Jimmi some dating advice, but will the object of his affections reciprocate?


33. Doctors: Series 19, Separation

What should be a walk in the park turns into a living nightmare for Rob.

Is It a Bird?

34. Doctors: Series 19, Is It a Bird?

Mrs Tembe proposes she undertake a secret mission for the good of Heston's relationship.


35. Doctors: Series 19, Devotion

Emma reaches out to a vulnerable woman - but is she in too deep?

Hands On

36. Doctors: Series 19, Hands On

Mrs Tembe is on a mission to discover the secrets of Ruhma's heart.

What Men Want

37. Doctors: Series 19, What Men Want

Emma is curious to know how Zara would respond if Daniel ever proposed.

A Curate's Egg

39. Doctors: Series 19, A Curate's Egg

Ayesha cooks something up to take her mind off recent events.


40. Doctors: Series 19, Dynamics

Ayesha finally talks to Bren, but is she there to rebuild bridges?

Factor of One

41. Doctors: Series 19, Factor of One

Ruhma makes wedding plans, but is Shak ready to support her yet?

White Noise

42. Doctors: Series 19, White Noise

Rob struggles with his inner feelings and jeopardises a court case.


43. Doctors: Series 19, Legless

Sid and Megan's first date doesn't go well. Could this be the end of their affair?

Doctor Shopping

44. Doctors: Series 19, Doctor Shopping

Emma has a run-in with a supposedly reformed Bren.


45. Doctors: Series 19, Monsters

Megan sets a boundary in her relationship with Sid.

Field Fever

47. Doctors: Series 19, Field Fever

Sid acts on his jealousy over Megan, but ends up making things awkward.


48. Doctors: Series 19, Distractions

Rob experiences life in front of the camera.


49. Doctors: Series 19, Butterflies

Mrs Tembe has a job on her hands to pin down Ruhma for important wedding business.


50. Doctors: Series 19, Betrothed

Ruhma's hen night gets into full swing, but will Ayesha spoil the party?


51. Doctors: Series 19, Swansong

Ayesha takes Bren on a surprise trip, while Rob tries to get to the bottom of a burglary.


52. Doctors: Series 19, Manoeuvres

Ayesha gets frustrated when she isn't allowed to leave work to see her mother.

Stop All the Clocks

53. Doctors: Series 19, Stop All the Clocks

It's the day of the wedding, but will Shak turn up? Rob deals with the arrest of Bren.

Time of Death

54. Doctors: Series 19, Time of Death

The investigation into Bren's death begins.

Piece by Piece

55. Doctors: Series 19, Piece by Piece

Ayesha's anger at who she blames for Bren's death shocks Al.

Breaking the Cycle

56. Doctors: Series 19, Breaking the Cycle

Emma seeks professional support from Jimmi as she faces questioning from the IPCC.

Name and Blame

57. Doctors: Series 19, Name and Blame

Karen attempts to heal the rift between a family and a carer. Sid tries to support Ayesha.

The Silence

58. Doctors: Series 19, The Silence

Zara is left stunned when an elderly lady reacts unexpectedly to some bad news.


89. Doctors: Series 19, Hungry

Valerie decides to try internet dating.

The Good Mother

90. Doctors: Series 19, The Good Mother

Valerie goes on her first date - but will Pete be the man of her dreams?

Twisted Blood

91. Doctors: Series 19, Twisted Blood

Valerie makes a surprising discovery about Al.

When Barry Met Sally

92. Doctors: Series 19, When Barry Met Sally

Zara receives an alarming note. Sid's joy at being the centre of attention is short-lived.


93. Doctors: Series 19, Tendrils

Zara attends Reece's funeral. Ayesha gets to the root of an argument.

Once upon a Time

94. Doctors: Series 19, Once upon a Time

There has been another stabbing, but can Tom find the victim before it is too late?

Personal Demons

95. Doctors: Series 19, Personal Demons

It is Halloween, and Heston, Emma and Valerie unleash their personal demons.


96. Doctors: Series 19, Displacement

Zara makes a grisly discovery and starts to wonder if she is being threatened.

Baby Steps

97. Doctors: Series 19, Baby Steps

Al's date backfires when he is the one left feeling sorry for himself at the end of it.

The Girl in the Headscarf

98. Doctors: Series 19, The Girl in the Headscarf

Shak has a confession to make, but it puts Heston in a difficult situation.


99. Doctors: Series 19, Remorse

Mrs Tembe worries about Sid being exploited, but Al sees it as an opportunity for fun.

Impulse Control

100. Doctors: Series 19, Impulse Control

Sid returns from holiday to find his recent PR exercise has horribly backfired.

The Talking Cure

101. Doctors: Series 19, The Talking Cure

Mrs Tembe comes up with a new way for Sid to use his voice.

A Duty of Care

102. Doctors: Series 19, A Duty of Care

Al is silenced when Gwen's harsh words cut him to the core.

Three's a Throuple

103. Doctors: Series 19, Three's a Throuple

Ruhma attends a home birth with added complications - but not because of the baby.

Sad Face

104. Doctors: Series 19, Sad Face

The campus is besieged by well-wishers when a shrine appears outside their front door.


105. Doctors: Series 19, Shells

Al is faced with a dilemma when he finds himself looking after a giant African land snail.

Close to Home

106. Doctors: Series 19, Close to Home

Valerie tries to help a vulnerable teenage girl who has reached crisis point.

Free Lunch

107. Doctors: Series 19, Free Lunch

Jimmi meets a monk collecting money and quickly realises that all is not what it seems.

A Shade Too Far

108. Doctors: Series 19, A Shade Too Far

When her cousin turns up with a business proposition, Ayesha finds herself drawn in.

The Impotence of Iain Ernest

109. Doctors: Series 19, The Impotence of Iain Ernest

Sid has to deal with an unexpected situation when examining Lily.


110. Doctors: Series 19, Moonlight

Emma's house call turns mysterious as the patient complains of seeing a ghost.


111. Doctors: Series 19, Joy

Al goes to talk to Mrs Tembe, while Rob and Karen's shopping trip is interrupted.

Tough Love

112. Doctors: Series 19, Tough Love

Mrs Tembe has to deliver some unwanted news to the practice.

Vigilante Man

113. Doctors: Series 19, Vigilante Man

Al visits his mother for an early Christmas meal.

Guardian Angel

114. Doctors: Series 19, Guardian Angel

Austin visits Lily for the first time since her placement.

Face the Music

115. Doctors: Series 19, Face the Music

Austin realises there is someone he needs to call. Valerie helps an old friend.

Forgive and Forget

116. Doctors: Series 19, Forgive and Forget

Zara and Daniel get cabin fever and confront DI Stanton for putting their family at risk.

The Old Toe and The New Nose

117. Doctors: Series 19, The Old Toe and The New Nose

When Ruhma reveals a secret to Sid, he makes a decision about his future.

No Strings

118. Doctors: Series 19, No Strings

Al worries about his mother, while Rob checks in with a stressed Daniel and Zara.

The Shining Happy People

119. Doctors: Series 19, The Shining Happy People

Daniel injects some fun into hotel life. Ruhma helps a couple confront a family secret.

The Sharp End

120. Doctors: Series 19, The Sharp End

Al makes plans for Eve. Sid looks for a new project.

Flickering Light

121. Doctors: Series 19, Flickering Light

Zara confronts Daniel for not supporting her. Rob tries to bond with a new dad.

A Tale of Two Kittys

122. Doctors: Series 19, A Tale of Two Kittys

Zara makes a difficult decision for the good of her family.

Fairy Tales

123. Doctors: Series 19, Fairy Tales

Zara starts to wonder just who she can trust. Why is Ruhma behaving strangely?

A Woman Goes to War

124. Doctors: Series 19, A Woman Goes to War

Jimmi helps to recruit some reluctant singers for Sid's Christmas venture.


125. Doctors: Series 19, Borderline

Zara has a revelation about the murder case. Emma plays counsellor to a PIP assessor.


126. Doctors: Series 19, Confidence

A last-minute testimony is heard as the case comes to a close.

No Room at the Inn

127. Doctors: Series 19, No Room at the Inn

Daniel cannot wait to get involved with the Christmas plans.

Twinkle Twinkle Video Star

128. Doctors: Series 19, Twinkle Twinkle Video Star

Ruhma feels the strain with Besa. Barry is humiliated in front of The Mill staff.

Any Moment

129. Doctors: Series 19, Any Moment

Emma is left disappointed when Sid makes an announcement.


130. Doctors: Series 19, Tinselitis

Al offers to cover the evening shift for the second day in a row.

Risk Management

131. Doctors: Series 19, Risk Management

Al reveals the real reason he has been volunteering for evening shifts.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

132. Doctors: Series 19, Blood, Sweat and Tears

As events spiral out of control, Ruhma struggles to protect Besa.

The Best Policy?

133. Doctors: Series 19, The Best Policy?

Rob starts to investigate Ruhma's connection to Besa, while Emma says farewell to Sid.

A Safe Place

134. Doctors: Series 19, A Safe Place

Jimmi finds himself under siege, while Ruhma is feeling the pressure.


135. Doctors: Series 19, Lullaby

When Besa absconds from the hostel, Ruhma fears for her safety and that of baby Tamanna.

False Friend

136. Doctors: Series 19, False Friend

A young nurse has a truly emotional day before making a life-changing call for help.

Lamb Dopiaza Nights

137. Doctors: Series 19, Lamb Dopiaza Nights

Daniel abandons Zara's home cooking for a night out with an old mate.


138. Doctors: Series 19, Playtime

Karen and Valerie's lunch plans are spoilt when Mrs Tembe springs a surprise on them.


139. Doctors: Series 19, Boisterous

Ruhma goes before Al and Emma to explain what happened with Besa.

Dreams are Made On

140. Doctors: Series 19, Dreams are Made On

Mrs Tembe loses her temper with an author from Botswana who has a secret.


141. Doctors: Series 19, Eric

Mrs Tembe introduces her replacement - and not everyone thinks it is a good idea.


142. Doctors: Series 19, Ransom

Valerie continues to push her diet on everyone, while Jimmi puts an idea to Emma.

A Mother's Love

143. Doctors: Series 19, A Mother's Love

Emma starts to put her plan into action, and Jimmi prepares himself for a night out.

The Inheritance

144. Doctors: Series 19, The Inheritance

Daniel and Zara visit Emma's as a test, while Rob and Heston attend the men's group.

Check Mate

145. Doctors: Series 19, Check Mate

Ben tries to put his own stamp on the Mill, but one thing stands in his way - Zara.

Under My Skin

146. Doctors: Series 19, Under My Skin

Valerie is floored by everyone's reaction to her healthy-eating regime.


147. Doctors: Series 19, Staggered

A fed-up Jimmi gives Will some home truths. Al works his magic at a stag do.

Will You Be My Friend?

148. Doctors: Series 19, Will You Be My Friend?

Heston shadows on an FME shift and witnesses the full horror of Viper for himself.

A Chip off the Old Block?

149. Doctors: Series 19, A Chip off the Old Block?

Jimmi gets a shock when Will brings home his new love interest.

Suffer the Children

150. Doctors: Series 19, Suffer the Children

Jimmi tries to get over his awkwardness with Ben to help him with an important speech.

Dead Men Kiss No Womble

151. Doctors: Series 19, Dead Men Kiss No Womble

It is the dreaded team building day, and there is no easy escape.

Long Haul

152. Doctors: Series 19, Long Haul

Heston and Zara clash over a young patient, can they make a diagnosis in time?

Sense and Sensitivity

153. Doctors: Series 19, Sense and Sensitivity

Emma unwittingly puts herself in danger, but will Ayesha come to her rescue?

Doctor Haskey and the All Seeing Eye

154. Doctors: Series 19, Doctor Haskey and the All Seeing Eye

Heston tries to get a lead on the viper case by winning the trust of a user.


155. Doctors: Series 19, Vigilante

Heston turns vigilante in his mission to find the viper supplier.

A Rock and a Hard Place

156. Doctors: Series 19, A Rock and a Hard Place

Ben has to deal with the fallout from yesterday, but can he forgive Will?

You Robot

157. Doctors: Series 19, You Robot

Ben gets a frosty reception when he tries to make Karen more comfortable at work.

Circles - Part 1

158. Doctors: Series 19, Circles - Part 1

Ruhma is forced to report Heston missing when he doesn't come home.

Circles - Part 2

159. Doctors: Series 19, Circles - Part 2

Heston is found, but have the drugs he has been force fed caused any serious damage?

The Song Without End

160. Doctors: Series 19, The Song Without End

Heston is a man on a mission, but finding Liam is no bed of roses.

The Value of Nothing

161. Doctors: Series 19, The Value of Nothing

Heston decides it is time for a heart to heart with Liam. Ben makes a big announcement.

Desperately Seeking Susan

162. Doctors: Series 19, Desperately Seeking Susan

Ben upsets Will's plans for the future. Heston puts himself in danger to unmask the truth.

No Sweat

163. Doctors: Series 19, No Sweat

Jimmi counsels Ben. A man suffering from excessive sweating comes to see Daniel.

Al in the Mind

164. Doctors: Series 19, Al in the Mind

Ayesha takes a huge risk for a young patient. Sid struggles to help a patient with anxiety

In the Dark

165. Doctors: Series 19, In the Dark

Karen and Valerie finally discover the source of their itching.

Sophie's Choice

166. Doctors: Series 19, Sophie's Choice

Emma meets a handsome man at a neighbourhood meeting.

Best Friend

167. Doctors: Series 19, Best Friend

Eve invites a stranger in. Valerie receives some worrying news.

The Beautiful Game

168. Doctors: Series 19, The Beautiful Game

Al receives some alarming news from his mother.


169. Doctors: Series 19, Invincible

Valerie is excited after attending the PPG meeting. Callum is hit by a car.


170. Doctors: Series 19, Click-Bait

Jimmi finds the behaviour of an old man slightly odd. Rob gets a series of phone calls.

'Im Next Door

171. Doctors: Series 19, 'Im Next Door

Ayesha tries to convince Valerie to not get involved with Ashley.

All Over Again

172. Doctors: Series 19, All Over Again

Ayesha tries to deal with the past by visiting the police station - but will it help?


173. Doctors: Series 19, Rumspringa

Al sets a trap, and Valerie tries to ignore Ashley. Emma finds herself in a moral dilemma.

Call Waiting

174. Doctors: Series 19, Call Waiting

Al argues with his mother about her future, and Valerie wrestles with a dilemma.

Power Cuts

175. Doctors: Series 19, Power Cuts

A power cut sends the Mill into crisis. Heston treats a stressed-out head teacher.

In a Heartbeat

176. Doctors: Series 19, In a Heartbeat

With the computer system still down and staff struggling, Daniel goes on the PR offensive.

Who's the Daddy?

177. Doctors: Series 19, Who's the Daddy?

The crisis continues and all hopes are pinned on Al.

Who Knew?

178. Doctors: Series 19, Who Knew?

Daniel finds someone to fix the IT problem, but is he really the right man for the job?

The Accidental Muse

179. Doctors: Series 19, The Accidental Muse

Could Al's solution to the IT problems have actually worked?

Home Truths

180. Doctors: Series 19, Home Truths

Jimmi risks his counselling qualification when he turns the tables on his assessor.

A Man Called Brown

181. Doctors: Series 19, A Man Called Brown

Sid volunteers to find the cause of the virus affecting the Mill.


182. Doctors: Series 19, Blink

After a medical emergency, a young couple's life is changed in the blink of an eye.

All Art Is Theft

183. Doctors: Series 19, All Art Is Theft

Ayesha invites herself to the Icon with Ashley.

Monster Love

184. Doctors: Series 19, Monster Love

Emma helps DI Addison identify a murder suspect with an ice-cold heart.


185. Doctors: Series 19, Perfection

Valerie is still reeling from the revelation when Ashley turns up on her doorstep.