Series 13

Series 13

Drama series following the lives of the staff of the Mill Health Centre.

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Smoke and Flames

47. Doctors: Series 13, Smoke and Flames

Kevin suffers from a lack of tact when dealing with a fireman suffering from PTSD.

The Last Waltz

48. Doctors: Series 13, The Last Waltz

Heston tries to convince a man whose wife is dying of cancer that life is for living.


49. Doctors: Series 13, Cassandra

Kevin encounters a young woman who wants her recurring nightmares to stop.

Defying Gravity

50. Doctors: Series 13, Defying Gravity

Elaine finds herself caught up in an abusive man's mission to track down his ex-wife.

Poison Ivy

51. Doctors: Series 13, Poison Ivy

Daniel gets more than he bargained for when he attends to a patient at a lap dancing club.

Coming of Age

52. Doctors: Series 13, Coming of Age

Heston treats a dying man who wants to protect his daughter by removing her independence.

Pink and Blue

53. Doctors: Series 13, Pink and Blue

On one of the worst days of her life, Zara struggles to offer advice to a young couple.

Last Christmas

54. Doctors: Series 13, Last Christmas

Karen is disturbed to find Santa Claus on a patient's roof during a home visit.


55. Doctors: Series 13, Protection

A right-wing leader in Letherbridge causes consternation for Mrs Tembe.

Carpe Diem

56. Doctors: Series 13, Carpe Diem

Jack is presented with an opportunity to make some easy money, but what is the catch?

Now or Never

57. Doctors: Series 13, Now or Never

Heston finds himself led into the murky underworld when he turns to a patient for help.

Someone to Love

58. Doctors: Series 13, Someone to Love

Freya comes to blows with Zara as she tries to help a patient hiding a dreadful secret.

Pride and Prejudice

59. Doctors: Series 13, Pride and Prejudice

Imogen has an eventful and eye-opening first day of community service.

Welcome to My World

60. Doctors: Series 13, Welcome to My World

Rob is not happy when calling himself Rob Hollins goes on a mini crime spree.

Sorting Nana Mo

61. Doctors: Series 13, Sorting Nana Mo

Jack thinks he has an ingenious plan to help his friend's grandmother.

Tail to Tow

62. Doctors: Series 13, Tail to Tow

Barry enlists Julia's help to free a trapped dog, forcing her to take an unusual stand.

Glad Rags

63. Doctors: Series 13, Glad Rags

Freya thinks an unhappy goth is the victim of domestic abuse.

Born and Bred

64. Doctors: Series 13, Born and Bred

Imogen risks breaking the terms of her community payback to help a fellow offender.

Best Laid Plans

65. Doctors: Series 13, Best Laid Plans

Has Cherry done enough to ensure the engagement party goes without a hitch?

Sweet Child of Mine

66. Doctors: Series 13, Sweet Child of Mine

Rob lets his feelings about Imogen cloud how he deals with a woman and her daughter.

Decent People

67. Doctors: Series 13, Decent People

Jimmi is caught in the middle when a father's plan to save his son from a bully backfires.

Sunday Sunday

68. Doctors: Series 13, Sunday Sunday

The Hollins family are invited to Rob's cousin's for an eye-opening lunch.

Storm in a Teacup

69. Doctors: Series 13, Storm in a Teacup

When his patient tells him about his blind date in a teashop, Heston is slightly jealous.

Safe Home

70. Doctors: Series 13, Safe Home

When Cameron is taken ill, a desperate Trevor turns to Mrs Tembe for help.

You People

71. Doctors: Series 13, You People

When Trevor's intimidation of Mrs Tembe escalates, will she confront her tormentors?

Lasso the Moon

72. Doctors: Series 13, Lasso the Moon

When Cherry decides to play matchmaker, she runs into an old adversary.


73. Doctors: Series 13, Footsteps

Freya helps a homeless man who has been caught washing his feet in the staff toilets.

The Pale Cast of Thought

74. Doctors: Series 13, The Pale Cast of Thought

A student tries to impress his colonel father by increasing training for an army physical.


75. Doctors: Series 13, Charming

Zara smells a rat when her old friend announces her impending nuptials.

Evidence of Things Not Seen

77. Doctors: Series 13, Evidence of Things Not Seen

Elaine enlists the help of an archaeologist, while Lauren becomes suspicious of Kevin.

The Meter's Running

78. Doctors: Series 13, The Meter's Running

When Rob avoids another family therapy session, Karen takes matters into her own hands.


79. Doctors: Series 13, Scars

Kevin is drawn into an oppressed woman's attempt to be free of her menacing boyfriend.

The Good Guys

80. Doctors: Series 13, The Good Guys

Jack offers support to student protesters and obtains evidence of heavy-handed policing.

Life Without Yum-Yum

81. Doctors: Series 13, Life Without Yum-Yum

Julia tries to help an actor finally face up to his feelings.


82. Doctors: Series 13, Forgiven

Daniel helps a man who has been deceiving his fiancee confront his traumatic past.

Life Extinct

83. Doctors: Series 13, Life Extinct

Karen's patient is dead, but that doesn't stop him causing her a whole heap of trouble.


84. Doctors: Series 13, Atonement

Lauren agrees to help a disgraced businessman redeem himself.

Back from the Dead

85. Doctors: Series 13, Back from the Dead

Jimmi discovers a dangerously determined Jack Harcourt, but what has he done with Cherry?

Message in a Bottle

86. Doctors: Series 13, Message in a Bottle

Imogen helps a mother and daughter resolve their dark history. Jimmi tries to make amends.

Who's the Daddy

87. Doctors: Series 13, Who's the Daddy

Rob tries to help a young father-to-be who is struggling to stand up for himself.

It's Only Natural

88. Doctors: Series 13, It's Only Natural

A newly-engaged man is reluctant to bare all to his future in-laws.

The Grocer's Apostrophe

89. Doctors: Series 13, The Grocer's Apostrophe

Heston bonds with a patient over their mutual love of the English language.

Out of the Loop

90. Doctors: Series 13, Out of the Loop

Zara gets caught up with two sisters who get their bag mixed up with a government aide's.

Dirty Linen

91. Doctors: Series 13, Dirty Linen

Cherry and Elaine struggle to deal with the effects secrets have had on their lives.


92. Doctors: Series 13, Burdens

Kevin encounters a woman overwhelmed with caring for her sick father.

The Good Daughter

93. Doctors: Series 13, The Good Daughter

Julia gets involved in a family feud. Lauren plays Jack and Kevin against each other.

Nobody's Perfect

94. Doctors: Series 13, Nobody's Perfect

Karen uncovers a devastating secret. Elaine must cope with a challenging therapy session.

The Sharpest Cut

95. Doctors: Series 13, The Sharpest Cut

Jack has an insight into the world of forensic science after shadowing Harrison on a case.

Murder Sleep

96. Doctors: Series 13, Murder Sleep

Freya gives a new mum some advice. Lauren's flirtation with Daniel takes a sinister turn.

Pulp Friction

97. Doctors: Series 13, Pulp Friction

Rob investigates a missing person case. Karen, Elaine and Julia draw up a list of dreams.


98. Doctors: Series 13, Footloose

Zara champions true love, Harrison attempts to win back Elaine and Lauren torments Imogen.


99. Doctors: Series 13, Choice

Karen uncovers a devastating secret. Elaine must cope with a challenging therapy session.

Grin and Bare It

100. Doctors: Series 13, Grin and Bare It

Karen persuades a patient to follow his artistic inclinations. Eva and Jimmi catch up.

Whip Hand

101. Doctors: Series 13, Whip Hand

Lauren is involved in a love triangle. Cherry, Eva and Jimmi attend a police debriefing.

The Devil's Daughter

102. Doctors: Series 13, The Devil's Daughter

Cherry helps a curmudgeonly food critic repair his relationship with his daughter.


103. Doctors: Series 13, Proof

Daniel is handcuffed to a drug addict demanding methadone, and Freya's purse goes missing.

Sticky and Sweet

104. Doctors: Series 13, Sticky and Sweet

Heston encounters a difficult beekeeper patient with a persistent chest infection.

Last Words

105. Doctors: Series 13, Last Words

Harrison struggles to piece together what happened in Lauren's final hours.


106. Doctors: Series 13, Inviolate

Rob clashes with his superior when a man who dresses as a woman claims he has been raped.

Anything You Say

110. Doctors: Series 13, Anything You Say

Kevin becomes implicated in Lauren's murder when he lies to the police.


111. Doctors: Series 13, Gotcha!

Cherry encourages an expectant father to tell the truth when an old flame returns.

Fatshe Leno La Rona

112. Doctors: Series 13, Fatshe Leno La Rona

Mrs Tembe fights back when her efforts to twin Letherbridge with Tlokweng are ridiculed.

Last Stop: This Town

113. Doctors: Series 13, Last Stop: This Town

Freya meets a young man who refuses to tell his best friend about his impending death.


114. Doctors: Series 13, RIP

Elaine learns that one of her patients informed Lauren about her imminent death.

Stealing His Thunder

115. Doctors: Series 13, Stealing His Thunder

A desperate housewife seeks revenge on her husband, but can Cherry unravel the truth?

In Pursuit

120. Doctors: Series 13, In Pursuit

Heston helps the boyfriend of a teenager who has decided not to continue his treatment.


121. Doctors: Series 13, Distraction

DCI Driver tries to get Harrison to confess before his solicitor can find a loophole.

Running On Empty

122. Doctors: Series 13, Running On Empty

Elaine causes relationship problems for a sexually inexperienced woman.

Bring Me the Ted of Albert Garcia

123. Doctors: Series 13, Bring Me the Ted of Albert Garcia

Cherry is given an old teddy bear, and it has a message for her.

My Sunshine

124. Doctors: Series 13, My Sunshine

Rob discovers why an elderly man refuses to let the council clear his house of rubbish.

Dougal and the Factory - Part 1

125. Doctors: Series 13, Dougal and the Factory - Part 1

Jimmi meets a foster family adjusting to life with their newest member and his rabbit.

Dougal and the Factory - Part 2

126. Doctors: Series 13, Dougal and the Factory - Part 2

Jimmi discovers a darker side of the foster family as the police close in on the burglars.

The Power of Nightmares

127. Doctors: Series 13, The Power of Nightmares

Kevin tries to play the hero for a female patient who has been abused.

Night Thoughts

128. Doctors: Series 13, Night Thoughts

Cherry encounters an elderly patient who is being haunted by her television.

Health and Tembe

129. Doctors: Series 13, Health and Tembe

Heston puts Mrs Tembe in charge of health and safety, with mutinous consequences.

Silent Partner

130. Doctors: Series 13, Silent Partner

Freya meets a ventriloquist who claims his dummy has laryngitis.

House Guest

131. Doctors: Series 13, House Guest

Imogen agrees that an old friend can stay with her on release from police custody.

The Only Way is Letherbridge

132. Doctors: Series 13, The Only Way is Letherbridge

A day out house-hunting becomes more stressful than anyone had bargained for.

This Monstrous and Unnatural Woman

133. Doctors: Series 13, This Monstrous and Unnatural Woman

It is D-Day for Heston as the university's re-enactment trial gets under way.

On Strawberry Hill

134. Doctors: Series 13, On Strawberry Hill

A murder suspect plays games with Rob, while Heston receives an unexpected proposal.

The Driving Seat

135. Doctors: Series 13, The Driving Seat

Julia helps a woman reconnect with her daughter when a guilty secret is exposed.


136. Doctors: Series 13, Cuckoo

Heston and Marina work together to help a stressed stay-at-home dad.

Tea and Sympathy

137. Doctors: Series 13, Tea and Sympathy

Rob creates trouble for someone at the Mill, and Kevin creates a new image for Heston.

Parts and Fitters

138. Doctors: Series 13, Parts and Fitters

Zara and Mrs Tembe team up as Letherbridge's very own 'Cagney and Lacey'!

Dead or Alive

139. Doctors: Series 13, Dead or Alive

A delusional comic writer becomes sinister.

The Bulge

140. Doctors: Series 13, The Bulge

Jack realises that everyone has an important role to play in life.

The Man

141. Doctors: Series 13, The Man

Kevin helps a patient realise that every human life is worthwhile.

Boyz in da Wood

142. Doctors: Series 13, Boyz in da Wood

Paintball war ensues when Kevin's car is damaged by some obnoxious options traders.

Different Kind of Prison

143. Doctors: Series 13, Different Kind of Prison

Rob investigates reports of a distraction burglar, but all is not as it seems.

The Beast Within

144. Doctors: Series 13, The Beast Within

The scar of a childhood trauma runs deep, but can Daniel help a family move on?

The Jug

145. Doctors: Series 13, The Jug

Cherry starts shopping for antiques, while Rob takes Immie for a driving lesson.

Clinging Ivy

146. Doctors: Series 13, Clinging Ivy

Mrs Tembe supports a family when an old secret threatens to tear them apart.


147. Doctors: Series 13, Charlie

Freya must uncover the truth about a child carer's sacrifice before it is too late.

No Going Back - Part One

148. Doctors: Series 13, No Going Back - Part One

Jimmi promises to help a mother find her missing daughter but does she want to be found?

No Going Back - Part Two

149. Doctors: Series 13, No Going Back - Part Two

Immie is frustrated by Jack's preoccupation with his love life during her driving lesson.

Joke Club

150. Doctors: Series 13, Joke Club

Julia is back from holiday but suspects that someone has been in the house.

A Woman Scorned

151. Doctors: Series 13, A Woman Scorned

Karen is caught in the crossfire when a scorned wife tries to get revenge on her ex.

Future Perfect

152. Doctors: Series 13, Future Perfect

It is moving in day and Heston is beside himself with excitement.


153. Doctors: Series 13, Visions

Imogen unwittingly becomes the prize in a university club initiation ceremony.


154. Doctors: Series 13, Manhandled

Daniel is bemused when he meets a lecturer who believes his mojo has been stolen.

An Uneasy Harmony

155. Doctors: Series 13, An Uneasy Harmony

Heston is impressed with a patient's musical abilities, but they hide a dark secret.

Striking Out

156. Doctors: Series 13, Striking Out

An elderly lady arrives at the station, claiming to have been abused by her daughter.

A Tangled Web

157. Doctors: Series 13, A Tangled Web

Julia has to deal with a family crisis when Sally arrives out of the blue.


158. Doctors: Series 13, Trust

Jack questions a friend's one-night stand with a drunken first-year student.

Blind Spot

159. Doctors: Series 13, Blind Spot

Kevin meets a patient who is faking her symptoms to avoid her husband's appalling driving.

Hitting the Wall

160. Doctors: Series 13, Hitting the Wall

Cherry treats a young leukaemia patient who is pushing himself too hard.

By Hook or by Crook

161. Doctors: Series 13, By Hook or by Crook

Patient Anna finds a surprising solution to her grumpy husband's constant knee pain.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

162. Doctors: Series 13, You Have the Right to Remain Silent

Jack finds himself up against Sergeant Hollins when defending his friend.

Life Lines

163. Doctors: Series 13, Life Lines

Can an ex-boxer and an over-cautious new mum change Kevin's mind about his future?

No Secret So Close

164. Doctors: Series 13, No Secret So Close

Freya helps a distressed young girl who is carrying a guilty secret.

Officers' Mess

165. Doctors: Series 13, Officers' Mess

When Zara visits her TA captain friend, she is tempted into a version of her old life.

The Season to be Jolly

166. Doctors: Series 13, The Season to be Jolly

Christmas comes early at the Hollins house, and Daniel goes into hiding.

Lebkucken vs Papparkakor

167. Doctors: Series 13, Lebkucken vs Papparkakor

Mrs Tembe gets some good news, but is brought crashing down to earth.

Mr Fitch Comes Home

168. Doctors: Series 13, Mr Fitch Comes Home

Kevin tries to help a former neurosurgeon find a reason to go on living.

To Have and to Hold

169. Doctors: Series 13, To Have and to Hold

Cherry and Jimmi find their dream wedding venue, but face stiff competition.

Singing in the Dark

170. Doctors: Series 13, Singing in the Dark

Marina uncovers a dark secret, while Cherry and Jimmi lock horns over the wedding budget.

War of the Worlds

171. Doctors: Series 13, War of the Worlds

A patient follows his heart's desire when he believes the end of the world is nigh.


172. Doctors: Series 13, Tomorrow

Daniel is put in a tough position when a face from his prison days turns up at The Mill.


173. Doctors: Series 13, Yesterday

Daniel seeks revenge following the previous day's events, and Zara turns her back on him.

One Under

174. Doctors: Series 13, One Under

Julia helps a distressed man piece together lost memories, but is honesty the best policy?

Gimme a Break

175. Doctors: Series 13, Gimme a Break

Immie faces the strong arm of the law when she has a near-miss with a cyclist.

Freegan to Choose

176. Doctors: Series 13, Freegan to Choose

Kevin encounters a pregnant woman whose beliefs compromise the health of her baby.

Judgement Day

177. Doctors: Series 13, Judgement Day

Heston puts himself in danger when he tries to reassert his authority.

What Lies Beneath

178. Doctors: Series 13, What Lies Beneath

A shock revelation forces Akono to question his beliefs.

Tales of the Rather Expected

179. Doctors: Series 13, Tales of the Rather Expected

Rob is called out to the home of a notorious crank and is surprised by what he finds.

The Cat's Meow

180. Doctors: Series 13, The Cat's Meow

Elaine is intrigued when her patient claims to have the perfect domestic setup.

Scratch the Surface

181. Doctors: Series 13, Scratch the Surface

Jack takes Akono on a night out as his wingman, but Imogen and her friend tag along.

Children of the Night

182. Doctors: Series 13, Children of the Night

Freya meets a patient who has been blinded by grief.

Baby Steps

183. Doctors: Series 13, Baby Steps

Zara spends the day with her career-driven friend who is also single and pregnant.

Another Day, Another Dollar

184. Doctors: Series 13, Another Day, Another Dollar

Marina has the day from hell; will Heston's behaviour push her over the edge?

Completion Day - Part 1

185. Doctors: Series 13, Completion Day - Part 1

Kevin worries that moving house will cause a patient's disease to go into crisis.

Completion Day - Part 2

186. Doctors: Series 13, Completion Day - Part 2

Will Rob trust Kevin's instincts as Paul's plans fall apart?

Great Expectations

187. Doctors: Series 13, Great Expectations

Imogen tries to dissuade an old classmate from entering a life of crime.

Crocodile Tears

188. Doctors: Series 13, Crocodile Tears

When Julia is the victim of an attempted mugging she surprises herself with her reaction.

Where the Heart Is

189. Doctors: Series 13, Where the Heart Is

The Hollins family look around their new house but can they agree on what to do with it?

The Next Level

190. Doctors: Series 13, The Next Level

Kevin finds himself playing games with a girl who died eight months ago.

Another Year

191. Doctors: Series 13, Another Year

Can Heston talk a young patient out of having an operation she might regret?


192. Doctors: Series 13, Denial

Daniel helps a patient confront an uncomfortable truth when her dad's grave is desecrated.


193. Doctors: Series 13, Appearances

When Jack takes extra work in a bar, he gets embroiled in some complicated role-playing.


194. Doctors: Series 13, Static

Zara and three patients witness the same extraordinary phenomenon at a bus stop.

Open Season

195. Doctors: Series 13, Open Season

Rob deals with a pensioner who claims he has been racially abused.

The Morning After and the Night Before

196. Doctors: Series 13, The Morning After and the Night Before

Jimmi's stag night leaves him with a headache, a black eye and a missing best man.

Perfect Storm

197. Doctors: Series 13, Perfect Storm

Zara refuses to forgive Cherry, who then comes to the rescue when Zara is in dire need.

It Had to be You

198. Doctors: Series 13, It Had to be You

Daniel and Zara face the news that their premature baby is struggling to breathe.


199. Doctors: Series 13, Lovesick

Jack may be a target of a girl who is spreading hepatitis B on purpose.


200. Doctors: Series 13, Naqam

Heston finds a secret when he helps a man come to terms with his father's disappearance.

A Taste of Honey

201. Doctors: Series 13, A Taste of Honey

Daniel has a meltdown when Zara suggests taking Joe home.

The Well-Spoken Man

202. Doctors: Series 13, The Well-Spoken Man

Elaine is worried when an elderly patient believes he can see his wife's dead ex-husband.

And Nothing But the Truth

203. Doctors: Series 13, And Nothing But the Truth

Kevin's dream date turns into a nightmare when he inadvertently invites two girls.

The Ones We Leave Behind

204. Doctors: Series 13, The Ones We Leave Behind

When Rob's attempts to track down a conman are thwarted, events take a rather dark turn.

Grey Matters

205. Doctors: Series 13, Grey Matters

Jack questions the future after a run-in with his law professor.

At Sea

206. Doctors: Series 13, At Sea

Julia urges a friend to make peace with her dying husband, but at what cost?

Paradise Lost

207. Doctors: Series 13, Paradise Lost

Mrs Tembe attempts to keep the peace between a mother and daughter.

Entente Cordiale

208. Doctors: Series 13, Entente Cordiale

The Hollins family face a French invasion, but can they unite to restore peace?

House Call

209. Doctors: Series 13, House Call

A dying man is reunited with his son, but Elaine realises all is not as it seems.

Last Tango

210. Doctors: Series 13, Last Tango

Daniel entrusts the hosting of an important event to an old flame.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

211. Doctors: Series 13, Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Heston seems more determined than ever to see Kevin punished for his mistake.

The Hills

212. Doctors: Series 13, The Hills

Karen has something to get her teeth into as she organises a blood drive at the campus.

Every End has a Start

213. Doctors: Series 13, Every End has a Start

Heston's humiliation is complete when he confirms Kevin's accusations are true.

The Fool

214. Doctors: Series 13, The Fool

How will Heston feel when Julia brings him news of Marina?

Anger Management

215. Doctors: Series 13, Anger Management

Heston finds an unlikely confidante when he finally opens up about his ordeal.


216. Doctors: Series 13, Firestarter

Rob gets a call about squatters only to realise they are in his own house.

Daddy Cool

217. Doctors: Series 13, Daddy Cool

Zara and Kevin encounter trouble at a mother and toddler group.

Cut Off - Part 1

218. Doctors: Series 13, Cut Off - Part 1

Letherbridge suffers a power outage, leaving Daniel in the path of temptation.

Cut Off - Part 2

219. Doctors: Series 13, Cut Off - Part 2

Elaine tries to talk Paterson out of his rage, while Daniel resorts to desperate measures.


220. Doctors: Series 13, Crush

It is Mandy's first day at The Mill, and she encounters a strange face from the past.

Daddy's Girl

221. Doctors: Series 13, Daddy's Girl

Julia is torn when she gets a surprise call from Sally asking her to babysit.

Nothing Ventured

222. Doctors: Series 13, Nothing Ventured

Daniel attends a speed awareness course, where he encounters an unusual trainer.

Only the Truth

223. Doctors: Series 13, Only the Truth

Kevin encounters a student who is desperate to gain some attention from one man.

Wanton Desire

224. Doctors: Series 13, Wanton Desire

Jimmi treats an ageing singer who is determined to rock Letherbridge one last time.


225. Doctors: Series 13, Puff

Mrs Tembe finds herself advising a carpet cleaner's petulant daughter.


226. Doctors: Series 13, Ambition

Freya gets her fingers burnt trying to help a cocky young fireman.

Let Me Shipwreck

227. Doctors: Series 13, Let Me Shipwreck

Mandy attempts to help her patient Walt to resurface after losing the love of his life.


228. Doctors: Series 13, Stuck

Imogen is injured by a mugger, and Zara joins a group of mothers.

The Promise

229. Doctors: Series 13, The Promise

An abusive husband is left at the mercy of his long-suffering wife.

Pants on Fire

230. Doctors: Series 13, Pants on Fire

When Elaine manages to get two of her sisters together, a series of lies are revealed.


231. Doctors: Series 13, Dinosaurs

Karen's dinner party descends into chaos after the details go on a social networking site.