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Series 15

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Turn Back Time

9. Doctors: Series 15, Turn Back Time

Chris discovers the story behind Emma and Sam's marriage.

Truth and Reconciliation

10. Doctors: Series 15, Truth and Reconciliation

A wake for a deceased patient throws Jas into a world of family secrets.


11. Doctors: Series 15, Hunger

Al tries to help an old friend fight her anorexia demons before it is too late.

Young Love

12. Doctors: Series 15, Young Love

Mandy is shocked by a teacher's behaviour, and Kevin tries to prove he's still got it.

The Lean

13. Doctors: Series 15, The Lean

Chris ends up giving a lesson in romance at the youth club.

Friday's Feelings

14. Doctors: Series 15, Friday's Feelings

Al befriends a barmaid who is an expert on real ale, but who also has another passion...

Person of Interest

15. Doctors: Series 15, Person of Interest

Rob has a bad day on the job, inciting a DI when he ruins an undercover investigation.

Potato Head

16. Doctors: Series 15, Potato Head

Mandy helps a woman dealing with unavoidable changes in her life.


17. Doctors: Series 15, Refuge

Emma becomes embroiled in a complicated domestic abuse case.

Talented Kid

18. Doctors: Series 15, Talented Kid

Daniel encounters two brothers who are forced to face their shortcomings.

Light My Fire

19. Doctors: Series 15, Light My Fire

New policeman Dave gives DI O'Neil a chance to solve the mystery of a warehouse fire.

The Liars of Letherbridge

20. Doctors: Series 15, The Liars of Letherbridge

Jas warns a student that the lies he tells to seduce a girl will come back and bite him.

The Gift Next Door

21. Doctors: Series 15, The Gift Next Door

Al's reluctance to take part in a neighbourhood initiative gets him into trouble.

Last of the Romantics

22. Doctors: Series 15, Last of the Romantics

Mandy encourages her recently bereaved aunt to track down her first love.

The Grapevine

23. Doctors: Series 15, The Grapevine

Kevin's ego threatens to ruin his chances when he is nominated for 'Young GP of the Year'.

Where the Truth Lies

24. Doctors: Series 15, Where the Truth Lies

Heston helps a student who is convinced he has uncovered a terrorist cell.

A Most Unusual Item

25. Doctors: Series 15, A Most Unusual Item

Karen is drawn into an elderly salesman's mission, and Emma and Jimmi come to blows.

The Final Bell

26. Doctors: Series 15, The Final Bell

Howard finds himself caught between a bareknuckle fighter and an old army colleague.

Fox on the Run

27. Doctors: Series 15, Fox on the Run

A heroin addict, escaped from juvenile detention, tries to procure methadone from Kevin.


28. Doctors: Series 15, Perfect

Zara and Daniel are in therapy together to discuss their relationship.

Chris FM

29. Doctors: Series 15, Chris FM

Chris is trolled by medical students whilst dealing with a drunk guest on his radio show.

The Sucker List

30. Doctors: Series 15, The Sucker List

Rob receives a letter informing him that he is on a list of people vulnerable to fraud.

Sweet Sixteen

31. Doctors: Series 15, Sweet Sixteen

The tensions between three women living under the same roof create an unusual situation.

Where R U?

32. Doctors: Series 15, Where R U?

Karen has an eventful day when a surly teenage girl arrives in Letherbridge on a mission.

Crash Barrier

33. Doctors: Series 15, Crash Barrier

Chris visits a mother and son struggling to deal with the aftermath of a tragic accident.

By the Pricking of My Thumbs

34. Doctors: Series 15, By the Pricking of My Thumbs

Emma thinks she knows who attacked a female patient, but is her judgement clouded?

Nowhere to Go

35. Doctors: Series 15, Nowhere to Go

A troubled young man returns to Letherbridge to face his demons - but will he find peace?

Home Truth

36. Doctors: Series 15, Home Truth

Kevin helps a mother and son struggling to agree on what is best for the both of them.

Santa Ranter

38. Doctors: Series 15, Santa Ranter

Mandy meets an eccentric who refuses to take down his Christmas decorations.


39. Doctors: Series 15, Cactus

Mrs Tembe tries to help a wife reconnect her husband with his dying mother.

Older Then

40. Doctors: Series 15, Older Then

Will Karen give a pensioner the OK to fulfil his dream of jumping out of a plane?

A Fair Exchange

41. Doctors: Series 15, A Fair Exchange

Howard tries to help a colleague's wife escape from her husband's controlling ways.

Dangerous Liaison

42. Doctors: Series 15, Dangerous Liaison

It's the end of Zara and Daniel's three weeks of abstinence.

Past Imperfect

43. Doctors: Series 15, Past Imperfect

Mandy's sympathies for a down-on-his-luck elderly patient are put to the test.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

44. Doctors: Series 15, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Kevin helps a 'Tin Man' with a problem of the heart, and Al spends more time with Jas.

20 Million Miles to Letherbridge

45. Doctors: Series 15, 20 Million Miles to Letherbridge

Heston and Mrs Tembe get lost and spend the night with a very strange farmer.

That Feeling of Falling

46. Doctors: Series 15, That Feeling of Falling

Al tries to prove his worth to Jas by taking on the cause of a homeless patient.

Give and Take

47. Doctors: Series 15, Give and Take

Emma helps a local hero overcome the repercussions of a mugging.


48. Doctors: Series 15, Saptapadi

Jimmi helps a sick bride on her wedding day, but uncovers a terrible secret.

Tree Hug

49. Doctors: Series 15, Tree Hug

Rob, Karen, Heston and Mrs Tembe have a cookery competition which becomes a bit heated.

All Things Change

50. Doctors: Series 15, All Things Change

Jas tries to help a mentally ill patient, but comes up against his overprotective mother.

Someone Else's Shoes

51. Doctors: Series 15, Someone Else's Shoes

Zara and Daniel go shopping for shoes for Joe, and they start to feel like a real family.

Run for Your Life

52. Doctors: Series 15, Run for Your Life

Chris has to force a prominent fundraiser to face up to the fact that her son is dying.

The Loner

53. Doctors: Series 15, The Loner

Al tries to help a girl being bullied by a young gangster, but all is not as it seems.

Freya's Friends

54. Doctors: Series 15, Freya's Friends

On the anniversary of Freya's death, Kevin and Mandy try to honour her memory.

Thrills, Pills and Bellyaches...

55. Doctors: Series 15, Thrills, Pills and Bellyaches...

Mrs Tembe takes solace in a childhood treasure, and Kevin faces a nightmare.

Life and Soul

56. Doctors: Series 15, Life and Soul

Chris risks his radio career to warn about the dangers of legal high Quack.

A Thin Line

57. Doctors: Series 15, A Thin Line

Daniel struggles to put things right when he inadvertently endangers a patient.


58. Doctors: Series 15, Snowblind

Emma tries to stay professional when she meets a man determined to manage his own death.

Fallen Angels

59. Doctors: Series 15, Fallen Angels

Rob deals with a councillor whose fight to save a youth club is threatened by her past.

Parent Trap

60. Doctors: Series 15, Parent Trap

Zara meets a young girl who makes a desperate bid to get her mother to face her demons.


61. Doctors: Series 15, Antenatal

Mandy meets a neurotic father-to-be who is about to be confronted by his worst nightmare.

Ring of Truth

63. Doctors: Series 15, Ring of Truth

When her boyfriend proposes, a young nurse turns to Jimmi for help.

Dog Day

64. Doctors: Series 15, Dog Day

Karen helps an elderly carer struggling to accept a big change and an unusual gift.

Silver on the Hearth

65. Doctors: Series 15, Silver on the Hearth

Chris finds himself caught in the middle between the Border Agency and two brothers.

Good Boy

66. Doctors: Series 15, Good Boy

The scene of an accident takes Kevin into uncharted territory as he makes a discovery.

That's Amore

67. Doctors: Series 15, That's Amore

Howard looks forward to a quiet night in, but his pizza delivery boy doesn't make it easy.

Whose Closet is it Anyway

68. Doctors: Series 15, Whose Closet is it Anyway

An innocent trip to a day spa thrusts Daniel into a dysfunctional family's battleground.

Testing, Testing

69. Doctors: Series 15, Testing, Testing

Emma helps a patient reconcile his feelings after the death of his mother.

No Smoke Without Fire

70. Doctors: Series 15, No Smoke Without Fire

Heston uncovers the bizarre reason behind a student's nausea.

The Lure

71. Doctors: Series 15, The Lure

After a petty thief steals his warrant badge, Rob tries to solve the crime himself.

Lost Souls

72. Doctors: Series 15, Lost Souls

A grieving girl turns to a psychic for help, much to Mrs Tembe's annoyance.


73. Doctors: Series 15, Kick

Mandy meets an old friend who has been having marriage problems, but uncovers a secret.

A Slight Misunderstanding

74. Doctors: Series 15, A Slight Misunderstanding

A series of misunderstandings threaten Kevin's plans for a lads holiday.

Parallel Universes

75. Doctors: Series 15, Parallel Universes

Daniel is haunted by the painful memory of a recent tragedy and seeks to make amends.


76. Doctors: Series 15, Release

Emma and Rob struggle to get to the bottom of a mysterious outbreak at the police station.

Mother's Choice

77. Doctors: Series 15, Mother's Choice

Chris helps a mother and child on the run from the police.

Candid Camera

88. Doctors: Series 15, Candid Camera

Daniel helps a shy photographer and Al makes a breakthrough in the search for the stalker.

The Edge

89. Doctors: Series 15, The Edge

Emma is alarmed when a patient has a bad reaction to medication she has prescribed.

Sting in the Tail

90. Doctors: Series 15, Sting in the Tail

Rob and DCI Driver close in on their suspect while Al continues his own investigation.

One Way or Another

91. Doctors: Series 15, One Way or Another

As Rob and Driver wait to interrogate their suspect, Al is in the clutches of the stalker.


92. Doctors: Series 15, Bittersweet

Heston is baffled by a patient's case, and Kevin is concerned when Jas asks to see Al.

War Zone - Part 1

93. Doctors: Series 15, War Zone - Part 1

Howard's friend draws them both into the seedier side of Letherbridge's nightlife.

War Zone - Part 2

94. Doctors: Series 15, War Zone - Part 2

Howard tries to help Jade and Gareth seek medical attention.

War Zone - Part 3

95. Doctors: Series 15, War Zone - Part 3

Howard puts himself on the frontline to help Jade and Gareth escape.

Collateral Damage

96. Doctors: Series 15, Collateral Damage

Following a car accident, a young woman must face her demons and turns to Mandy for help.

One Good Turn

97. Doctors: Series 15, One Good Turn

A student's lies start to catch up with him when he returns from a charity trip.

Wrong Rooms

98. Doctors: Series 15, Wrong Rooms

A recovering cancer patient looks forward to a new start with his girlfriend.

Happy Families

99. Doctors: Series 15, Happy Families

Jimmi tries to help a patient separate fact from fantasy.

Child Proof

100. Doctors: Series 15, Child Proof

Rob and Emma investigate the suspicious death of a baby involving a young mother.


101. Doctors: Series 15, Alone

Chris and Barry try to help when a student's future hangs in the balance.

Manning Up

102. Doctors: Series 15, Manning Up

Kevin is concerned when a student lies about his injuries.

Curtain Call

103. Doctors: Series 15, Curtain Call

It is the day of Chris's talent show, and everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Howard's Special Day

104. Doctors: Series 15, Howard's Special Day

Howard's fantasies of law enforcement are challenged by the realities of police work.

A Different Page

105. Doctors: Series 15, A Different Page

Daniel is forced to mediate between a warring couple, and Howard surprises Al and Emma.

Embarrassing Bodies

106. Doctors: Series 15, Embarrassing Bodies

A university student gets an awkward proposition from his best friend.

The Third Girl

107. Doctors: Series 15, The Third Girl

A woman is back to confront her very dark past in Letherbridge.

The Wild West Midlands

108. Doctors: Series 15, The Wild West Midlands

Rob investigates a case of spoiled meat when Karen buys him some steaks from the market.

In Good Health

109. Doctors: Series 15, In Good Health

Karen has to convince her reluctant friend to go through with exploratory surgery.

Viva Las Letherbridge - Part 1

110. Doctors: Series 15, Viva Las Letherbridge - Part 1

Kevin is forced to keep the eminent Doctor Dash in check on a night out.

Viva Las Letherbridge - Part 2

111. Doctors: Series 15, Viva Las Letherbridge - Part 2

With Dash missing, the two doctors race to save Howard's reputation at the conference.

The Eggs

112. Doctors: Series 15, The Eggs

An irate tutor insists Emma confirm the authenticity of her student's illness.


113. Doctors: Series 15, Floss

Jas is furious when she is locked out of the house in only her nightclothes.


114. Doctors: Series 15, Paranoid

Al is dragged into the paranoid world of an agoraphobic patient.


115. Doctors: Series 15, XXL

Jess's health takes a turn for the worse, and Zara and Mrs Tembe join forces.

Under Fire

116. Doctors: Series 15, Under Fire

Howard and Rob deal with a case of antiques theft - but who is robbing who?

Austenland - Part 1

117. Doctors: Series 15, Austenland - Part 1

Jas deals with a patient who prefers to live in an Austen-inspired fantasy world.

Charlotte's Web

119. Doctors: Series 15, Charlotte's Web

A childhood friend drops a bombshell on Chris, and Heston and Kevin meet two new patients.

Northanger Bungalow

120. Doctors: Series 15, Northanger Bungalow

Jimmi must rescue a teenager whose supernatural fears have become a reality.


121. Doctors: Series 15, Gemma

A teenage girl tries to play matchmaker, but her plans go awry.


122. Doctors: Series 15, Remission

Love is at stake when a pair of star-crossed lovers are reunited in the Mill.

Adulterers Only

123. Doctors: Series 15, Adulterers Only

Emma's relationship advice leads a patient into a spot of unexpected trouble.

Tender Loins

124. Doctors: Series 15, Tender Loins

Karen and Rob find themselves working together to help a woman who takes drastic action.


125. Doctors: Series 15, Control

Will the course of true love run smoothly for Kevin when he finds himself trapped?

Stressed Out

126. Doctors: Series 15, Stressed Out

When a university lecturer admits she is being stalked, Jas is quick to help her.

Medicinal Use Only

127. Doctors: Series 15, Medicinal Use Only

Mrs Tembe suspects foul play when medical supplies start to disappear.

Family Planning

128. Doctors: Series 15, Family Planning

Mandy sees a patient who is keeping a secret from her husband.

Too Much to Swallow

129. Doctors: Series 15, Too Much to Swallow

Al suspects a heart condition when a two-timing patient dies suddenly.

Trick or Treat

130. Doctors: Series 15, Trick or Treat

It is Halloween in Letherbridge, and Heston presents three tales of terror.


131. Doctors: Series 15, Carpe

Chris tries to help a patient with Parkinson's disease who is displaying strange symptoms.


132. Doctors: Series 15, Fireworks

Emma is not thrilled about being shadowed by a trainee during a busy police shift.


133. Doctors: Series 15, Hush

Karen is rushed into hospital when Rob cannot wake her.

My Girl

134. Doctors: Series 15, My Girl

Kevin is drawn to a young wife he is convinced is being abused.

Forever Young

135. Doctors: Series 15, Forever Young

Karen appears to be back reliving her teenage years, but something is very wrong.

The Way of the Warrior

136. Doctors: Series 15, The Way of the Warrior

Daniel agrees to be the ringside doctor for an martial arts bout.


137. Doctors: Series 15, Mom

Mandy mediates between a mother and daughter on the verge of becoming single parents.

Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)

138. Doctors: Series 15, Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)

Mrs Tembe and Al offer the first entertainment Karen has had since her accident.

Fallen Apples

139. Doctors: Series 15, Fallen Apples

Valerie helps a woman struggling to manage her own business and care for her mother.


140. Doctors: Series 15, Charged

Al encounters a man behaving peculiarly at a graveyard, and he uncovers a betrayal.

Two Lemons and a Bar

141. Doctors: Series 15, Two Lemons and a Bar

A hepatitis B diagnosis knocks a man for six, and Al is excited by improvement in Karen.

A Decent Plumber

142. Doctors: Series 15, A Decent Plumber

Kevin meets a pregnant couple, and Rob is thrilled when Karen asks to see him.

A Curse Be Upon Her

143. Doctors: Series 15, A Curse Be Upon Her

Zara encounters an agoraphobic girl with an unhealthy obsession.

What Needs to be Done

144. Doctors: Series 15, What Needs to be Done

Jimmi is left holding the baby, and Karen proves a difficult house guest.

Home Run

145. Doctors: Series 15, Home Run

Mandy visits a paralysed patient and his carer brother, but discovers a hidden truth.

No Evil

146. Doctors: Series 15, No Evil

Al is drawn into a neighbourly dispute, and Jas learns to communicate with Aran.


147. Doctors: Series 15, Exposure

A blast from Emma's past forces her into an impossible dilemma.

The First Rule About Dad's Club

148. Doctors: Series 15, The First Rule About Dad's Club

Daniel dons a false identity as he goes on a search for new friends.

Strange Romance

149. Doctors: Series 15, Strange Romance

Chris is caught between two surprise house guests, while Jas fights for Aran.

The House on Coppertree Hill

150. Doctors: Series 15, The House on Coppertree Hill

Valerie helps out an old friend, but uncovers a dark secret from the distant past.


151. Doctors: Series 15, Dragon

Heston hands out parts for the pantomime, and Jas says goodbye to the Mill.

Raking the Ashes

152. Doctors: Series 15, Raking the Ashes

When a devoted midwife kills her husband she is determined to cover her tracks.

Second Chance

153. Doctors: Series 15, Second Chance

Chris discovers a connection between two very different patients.

Speaking the Truth in Love

154. Doctors: Series 15, Speaking the Truth in Love

When Rob investigates a stolen car, he is faced with a case of domestic abuse.

Waiting for Andre

155. Doctors: Series 15, Waiting for Andre

Daniel tries to help an overweight singer, and Karen finds sanctuary in an unlikely place.

Foxtrot Tango

156. Doctors: Series 15, Foxtrot Tango

Howard helps a wounded soldier prepare a surprise return for the girl he left behind.

Plan B

157. Doctors: Series 15, Plan B

Kevin helps convince the mother of a girl who wants a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.

Love to Hate You

158. Doctors: Series 15, Love to Hate You

Emma gets involved with a pair of colleagues who have been living a lie for years.


159. Doctors: Series 15, Have-Nots

Rob ends up in a hostage situation when ex-army officer Clare reaches breaking point.

One Man's Trash

160. Doctors: Series 15, One Man's Trash

Barry thinks his luck is in when he has to solve a series of romantic clues.

It Fits! It Fits!

161. Doctors: Series 15, It Fits! It Fits!

It is showtime for Heston's beloved panto, but he struggles to maintain control.

Quick Fingered

162. Doctors: Series 15, Quick Fingered

Chris tries to help someone who has been recently released from prison to change his ways.

The Fires of Midwinter

163. Doctors: Series 15, The Fires of Midwinter

Howard and Rob arrest a troublemaker on a local estate who then ends up in hospital.

The Real Dr Granger

164. Doctors: Series 15, The Real Dr Granger

Daniel is perplexed by inconsistencies in his bank statements.

Idol Hands

165. Doctors: Series 15, Idol Hands

Valerie teams up with a timid woman to meet her favourite TV presenter.


166. Doctors: Series 15, Concealer

Mrs Tembe meets a young couple whose wedding day is threatened by cold sores.


167. Doctors: Series 15, Reunion

A reunion between a long-lost brother and sister is marred by a routine medical check.

Five Days

168. Doctors: Series 15, Five Days

An unexpected memory causes Rob to revisit a case from ten years ago.

Love's Young Dream

169. Doctors: Series 15, Love's Young Dream

Zara finds herself stuck alone in the campus surgery with an injured, desperate young man.

Moving On

170. Doctors: Series 15, Moving On

Valerie comes to the aid of her elderly neighbour, and Sian has a surprise visitor.

La Cosa Nose

171. Doctors: Series 15, La Cosa Nose

Kevin helps Michael, a clown with suspected osteoporosis who is suffering for his art.

White Van

172. Doctors: Series 15, White Van

Chris helps a troubled man who is distressed by the sight of a white van.


173. Doctors: Series 15, Black

Sian's fears become reality and she calls Rob, but he is in no fit state to play the hero.

Sid's Blues

174. Doctors: Series 15, Sid's Blues

Emma encounters an elderly jazz singer whose infectious joviality covers a grim reality.

Small Favours

175. Doctors: Series 15, Small Favours

Valerie tries to help an old lady convinced that her son is being stopped from seeing her.

Two Little Boys

176. Doctors: Series 15, Two Little Boys

An ill teenager discovers a classmate is working for a loan shark his dad owes money to.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

177. Doctors: Series 15, For Whom the Bell Tolls

Heston is gifted an antique clock by a dying patient, and Zara is in manipulative mode.


178. Doctors: Series 15, Destiny

Mrs Tembe meets a pregnant young girl who is torn between two men.

The Boy Narcissus

179. Doctors: Series 15, The Boy Narcissus

Zara meets a student who is addicted to pills, and Heston has to plan a lecture.


180. Doctors: Series 15, Hamstrung

Daniel meets a former social worker who appears to be a victim of harassment.

Little White Lies

181. Doctors: Series 15, Little White Lies

Rob investigates a laptop theft, and Daniel and Zara take Joe to church.

Perfect Match

182. Doctors: Series 15, Perfect Match

A separated couple visit Kevin with a shocking request, and Al faces his dental fears.

Must Edit Filth

183. Doctors: Series 15, Must Edit Filth

Mandy and Jimmi have a tough day when a busy New York lawyer arrives in Letherbridge.

About the Boy

184. Doctors: Series 15, About the Boy

Love is in the air when Chris helps supervise a basketball game, but is all as it seems?

Charm School

185. Doctors: Series 15, Charm School

Karen finds herself getting involved when a glamorous socialite comes to Letherbridge.


186. Doctors: Series 15, Perestroika

Howard works with Barry to apprehend a Russian sleeper agent at large on the campus.

The Good Samaritan

187. Doctors: Series 15, The Good Samaritan

Heston is helped by a Good Samaritan when he is involved in a minor collision.

Thirsty Work

188. Doctors: Series 15, Thirsty Work

Mrs Tembe meets a woman who will go to horrific lengths to get back her husband.

Shadow of a Doubt

189. Doctors: Series 15, Shadow of a Doubt

Zara has to mediate between two brothers who are harbouring family resentments.

The Way, the Truth and the Lie

190. Doctors: Series 15, The Way, the Truth and the Lie

Emma learns a valuable lesson when an old university friend turns up.

Made in Heaven

191. Doctors: Series 15, Made in Heaven

Hermione has a few Valentine surprises planned for Jimmi, but things do not go to plan.

A Helping Hand

192. Doctors: Series 15, A Helping Hand

Chris encounters a patient whose life is seemingly controlled by his violent left hand.

The Moral High Ground

193. Doctors: Series 15, The Moral High Ground

Kevin is drawn into helping an obese man who is being wrongly persecuted as a paedophile.

The Low Ground

194. Doctors: Series 15, The Low Ground

Left for dead, Kevin faces a race against time to save Steve from the vigilante gang.

Love is Blind

195. Doctors: Series 15, Love is Blind

It's date night, and there are very different fates in store for the staff of the Mill.

The Soundtrack of Your Life

196. Doctors: Series 15, The Soundtrack of Your Life

Chris treats a man with a very unusual condition: he hears music everywhere he goes.

Fairy Gold

197. Doctors: Series 15, Fairy Gold

Emma helps two women who wake up in the police cells after a heavy night of drinking.


198. Doctors: Series 15, Blink

Howard visits an old colleague who wants today to be his last day on earth.


199. Doctors: Series 15, Ditched

Al is called upon to save the day whilst drunk and disorderly at a friend's stag do.

Nun But the Brave

200. Doctors: Series 15, Nun But the Brave

Emma meets a nun who she fears is not facing up to a terrible incident in her recent past.

Dickens of a Day

201. Doctors: Series 15, Dickens of a Day

Zara has a strange day, Mandy receives a shock, and Mrs Tembe tries her hand at comedy.

Talk Talk

202. Doctors: Series 15, Talk Talk

Karen receives an unexpected visit from Imogen, who is much in need of her mum.


203. Doctors: Series 15, Bliss

Kevin has some bad news for a mature patient who prides himself on his independence.

Old Flames

204. Doctors: Series 15, Old Flames

Jimmi is trapped between a rock and a hard place after accepting a dinner invitation.

The Invisible Man

205. Doctors: Series 15, The Invisible Man

Howard encounters a woman who believes her late husband has come back from the dead.

Matter of Chance

206. Doctors: Series 15, Matter of Chance

An old friend of Chris's finds his life turned upside down when his ex reappears.

Out of the Blue

207. Doctors: Series 15, Out of the Blue

Heston faces an uphill struggle to persuade homeless Tommy to change his ways.


208. Doctors: Series 15, Rosie

A patient has her willingness to adopt put to the test when she receives some tragic news.


209. Doctors: Series 15, Postcard

Mrs Tembe encounters a man at church who's waiting for his second chance at love.

Wires Crossed

210. Doctors: Series 15, Wires Crossed

Al becomes embroiled with a student's mission to impress the guy she fancies by abseiling.

Pie Piper

211. Doctors: Series 15, Pie Piper

Howard becomes entwined in a family affair when a performance ends with a trip to A&E.

The Real Thing

212. Doctors: Series 15, The Real Thing

Zara is concerned when she tries to help a woman who is convinced she has cancer.

Up in Flames

213. Doctors: Series 15, Up in Flames

Chris continues on his path of self-destruction, while reality bites for Mandy.

Skin Deep

214. Doctors: Series 15, Skin Deep

Kevin tries to help a shopping channel TV presenter who fears he is about to lose his job.

Hostage to Fortune

215. Doctors: Series 15, Hostage to Fortune

Heston is left frustrated by an incompetent drugs rep, but is everything as it seems?

No Fool Like an Old Fool

216. Doctors: Series 15, No Fool Like an Old Fool

Mrs Tembe finds herself playing matchmaker, but an escaped prisoner stands in her way.

Old Wounds

217. Doctors: Series 15, Old Wounds

Howard and Barry are on a mission at the campus, but circumstances conspire against them.

Two Four

218. Doctors: Series 15, Two Four

Al gets personally involved in a strange dynamic and Karen discovers a bitter truth.

The Pool Boy

219. Doctors: Series 15, The Pool Boy

Zara sees a patient who insists her cheating boyfriend has given her an STI.

Sweet Smell of Success

220. Doctors: Series 15, Sweet Smell of Success

Kevin's past haunts him when he sees someone from his school days.

A Caring Professional

221. Doctors: Series 15, A Caring Professional

Mandy comes face to face with a flasher and takes an unusual step to help him.


222. Doctors: Series 15, Unforgettable

Daniel discovers a patient with an aneurysm has further medical complications.